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Labor Day Weekend at Sundial

Labor Day Weekend at Sundial- The fun kicks off tomorrow and goes straight through till Monday.




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Memorial Day Weekend: Kicking Off Summer at Sundial

June 21st may technically be the first day of season but everyone knows summer really begins Memorial Day weekend! With the big weekend just a few days away, I’ve been busy making plans for the family.




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Sundial BBQ Blowouts: A Great Way to Spend Your Saturday

If you’re looking for something to do this Saturday, or any Saturday over the summer, head over to Sundial and give the BBQ Blowout a try! Barbeques and cookouts are summer afternoon staples. This year, at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa, the staple came early with the introduction of weekly BBQ Blowouts. My family and I have spent more than one Saturday piling our plates and playing the afternoon away.




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Your Easter Activities Burn Calories!

The big weekend is still ahead of us, though, and we’re definitely planning on ending spring break on a high note. This weekend is going to be crazy! Our family is hitting TWO Easter Egg Hunts, BOTH BBQ Blowouts at Sundial and taking a little time at the Children’s Spring Festival! When I saw how much food was involved in all of this I decided I needed to find a few creative ways to burn calories on the move. Here are some Easter holiday ways to work off those chocolate bunnies!