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History of Mother’s Day
PUBLISHED: May 9, 2014 AUTHOR: sundialmgr

By: Shelly Sanders

Want to know what the best thing about Mother’s Day is? Being the mom! Mother’s Day is like an extra birthday for all us moms. We receive gifts, we’re spoiled by our families and no one will haggle us if we choose to take a day off work!

Although I considering myself to have a pretty good eye for grammatical errors – a necessity when you’re always proofreading homework done by elementary and middle schoolers – I had never noticed that Mother’s Day was singular. My daughter brought it to my attention after a particularly boring (her word) day in English class.

“Mother’s Day is spelled wrong,” she proclaimed while I was, at that moment, looking for the right bouquet to send my own mother.

“What? How is it wrong Morgan?” I asked her.

“It’s more than one mother’s day, so it should be M-O-T-H-E-R-S then the apostrophe.”

I was impressed that she had picked up on something that I had never even given thought to. In light of her insight, I decided to go a little digging. I clicked off the flower site and got to Googling. I quickly discovered that Mother’s Day had a far different beginning than I expected and that it was indeed spelled incorrectly.

According to National Geographic, in a story on the history of Mother’s Day, the driving force behind this national holiday was a woman named Anna Jarvis. She organized the first observances of Mother’s Day in 1908, inspired by the passing of her own mother.

The article explains that “It wasn’t to celebrate all mothers. It was to celebrate the best mother you’ve ever known—your mother—as a son or a daughter.” That’s why Jarvis stressed the singular “Mother’s Day,” rather than the plural “Mothers’ Day”.”

For my own Mother’s Day this year, I can only guess at what the plan will be. My husband and the kids like to keep it a surprise. I know Sundial Resort is doing a Mother’s Day brunch, so I’m thinking that may be in the cards. Whatever we do, I’ll be happy to be with my family and thinking of my own mother as well.

(FYI – after my little exploration into the history of this holiday, I went back to the flower site and picked this bouquet out for my mom. Pretty, huh?)

Mother's Day bouquet

Super Mom bouquet from ProFlowers

Despite Jarvis’ words, I wish you all a Happy Mothers’ Day!

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