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Spring Training comes to a close, Opening Day looms
PUBLISHED: March 31, 2014 AUTHOR: sundialmgr

By Shelly Sanders

MLB Spring Training 2014 has come to an end and Opening Day begins today. If you’ve been watching any of the games (in the stands or at home) you should be well aware of where the Minnesota Twins and the Boston Red Sox stand – the former in last place and the latter just slightly ahead at fourth to last in the American League. Regardless of their Spring Training standings, everyone is excited for the season to start. Just check out this list from the Red Sox website: 12 reasons you should be beyond stoked that baseball is back.

The performances by these two teams were, by no means, impressive. Currently both teams have losing records but what is Spring Training for, if not for practice?

Win or lose, the best part of Spring Training, for a fan, is the opportunity to watch your favorite teams get ramped up for Opening Day and the regular season.

The Opening Games

The Red Sox open the season at home against the Baltimore Orioles. During training, the teams went up against each other five times, the Red Sox winning twice. The energy from the crowd and excitement over the first game should give the Sox the edge they need to start out on a win. Only time will tell.

The Twins open their season against the Chicago White Sox, a team they haven’t played against since last season. Overall, the team came out ahead nine out of 17 times, making this first game hard to predict. However, SB Nation has low hopes for the teams overall season, putting them last in the AL Central.

Yes, I know that I just went a little sports-intense there but when you share a house with two rabid MLB fans, you learn a lot by osmosis.

While I’m sad to have to say goodbye to the teams, I am genuinely looking forward to the 2014 regular season. The best thing about baseball is that it brings my family together, all rooting for the same side (unless it’s Sox vs Twins of course).

Let’s play ball!

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