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Welcome to Shelly’s Sanctuary!
PUBLISHED: October 19, 2012 AUTHOR: sundialmgr

Welcome to my brand new blog: Shelly’s Sanctuary! I want to tell you about this place called Sundial Beach Resort & Spa on Sanibel Island but, more importantly, I want to share with you what this resort, and the island as a whole, means to my family and me.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Shelly Sanders. I am happily married and the proud mother of two( mostly) well mannered children –  Morgan, 11 years old, and Nathan, 7 years old. I grew up in the suburbs outside of Chicago and almost every summer my family and I would hop in the minivan and drive down to Florida to spend two full weeks vacationing at the Sundial Resort. It was because of these very trips that, almost 20 years later, I chose to make my vacation a permanent one.

I have now been a proud Sanibel resident for more than a decade and it still amazes me how many big life events have happened, not just on this island, but at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa. It was where my husband Joshua and I were married (and still celebrate our anniversary every year). It was where we hosted our first ever joint family reunion, bringing both of our families together for only the second time if you include the wedding. It was also where our daughter Morgan fell in love with shelling, treating it like some kind of pirate’s treasure hunt. Additionally, during another one of our day trips at the resort, our son Nathan literally lost his first tooth while playing in the clear blue water of the Gulf.

I want to share my experiences here with all of you. Hopefully you may be able to make some memories of your own at Sundial Beach & Resort, just like we do – because everyone deserves a sanctuary.


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