Sanibel Sea School Holiday Week

Winter Themed Classes  at Sundial

December 28th

9am to 12pm (ages 6-13)
Jingle Shells, Jingle Shells, Jingle all the Way!

Jingle Shells are shimmery, colorful bivalves that make our beaches sparkle. In this class, we’re going to learn all about the animals that create these beautiful shells and try to find some on the beach. We’ll even collect some to make festive jingle shell art!

1-4pm (ages 6-13) | Migratory Birds

Each winter, Sanibel Island becomes home to a variety of migratory birds – from tiny shorebirds to our favorite winter residents, White Pelicans! We’ll spend our time with binoculars in hand searching for our feathered friends and learning about their vast migratory journeys. Join us for migration games, shorebird bingo, and a super cool bird band craft!

December 29th

9am – 12pm (ages 6-13) | Chilly Seas – How do sea creatures stay warm?

While Sanibel’s waters don’t get as cold as other seas, creatures that live in the Gulf still need to be prepared for the change in water temperature. Today we’re going to learn about which animals seek warmer waters when the temperature drops and those that are better adapted for swimming in the chilly seas. We are going to conduct blubber experiments and test the chilly waters ourselves –with and without wetsuits!

1-4pm (ages 6-13) | Cold Water Sharks

With the theme of chilly waters today, let’s dive into cold water shark species! Sharks are found all over the world but many prefer the icy waters of the Arctic or the dark, cold water of the deep sea. Greenland Sharks, Deepwater Catsharks, and Basking Sharks will be the topic of discussion today along with plenty of fun shark facts! We will learn a little shark biology, talk adaptations, and play some shark sensory games on the beach.

December 30th

1-4pm (ages 6-13) | Wrack Line – Winter Edition!

In the winter on Sanibel, the water gets colder and the winds get stronger bringing a lot of new critters to the wrack line! Beachcombing in the winter is completely different than the summer, so we’re going to comb through the treasure trove of ‘wrack’ on the beach to see what we can find. Come join us for an afternoon of exploration and discovery!

December 31st

9-11am (ages 4-6) | Sea squirts: Do you want to build a sandman?

Do you want to build a sandman? Come on, let’s go and play – on the beach! In this class, we’re going to have the best 2 hours of your day outside on the beach and in the sand. We’ll learn about where sand comes from, make our own sand, and even create colorful sand for a fun art project. And of course, we’ll build plenty of sand sculptures on the beach!

1-4pm (ages 6-13) | Reptiles ring in the new year!

On the final day of 2020, we’re going to celebrate reptiles to ring in the new year! Reptiles are unique because they are ectotherms, meaning their body temperature depends on external conditions. We’re going to take a nature walk to see if we can find any scaly reptiles basking in the Sanibel sun to warm up. We’ll search for anole lizards, iguanas, snakes, and turtles. Come ready to soak up the sun and explore with us!

For information and registration visit or phone (239) 472-8585.