'SUNDIAL IT UP' Pickleball Camp Schedule

Book your camp package at  866 565 5093 option 1

October 11-13 (room check-in October 10, check out October 13)
November 8-10 (room check-in November 7, check out November 10)
December 13-15 (room check-in December 12, check out December 15)
January 17-19, 2023 (room check-in January 16, check out January 19)
February 28-March 2, 2023 (room check-in February 27, check out March 2)

Package rates start at $1,006 per person based on occupancy and program date.
Please note that room check-out time is prior to 12:30 pm.


Welcome Introductions and sign in

Warm-up and court/instructor assignments

At the kitchen line and why it’s so important:  Offense (volleys, dinks, overheads) and Defense (volleys, dinks, overheads)

Meet and Greet at Turtle’s Tiki Bar (1 complimentary drink and hors d’oeuvres; cash bar)


Camp group photo and Instructors’ Pro Exhibition

Serving (where to stand, aim, what the goals are), Returning (where to stand, hit down the middle and deep, then book it up to the kitchen)

3rd shot drops/drives, transitioning to the net from the serve/return

Point Play


Review, Q & A time, tips on where to go from here, best way to improve when you leave the camp.

Round Robin (Advanced and Intermediates)

Closing statements with group and instructors

Your complimentary breakfast buffet is available from 7-11 am in the Waterview Room located off the lobby in the resort center.
We invite you to enjoy our five onsite dining options during your stay:  Sea Breeze Café*, Shima Japanese Steakhouse* Turtle’s Tiki Bar, Slice of Paradice and Shima Grab N Go. (*Reservations available at 239 395 6013.)

For our local guests a SunDial It Up Camp-only  package is available without lodging and breakfast.  Please call 239 395 6037 or email josh.jeffcott@sundialresort.com for information and to book this option.

Camp schedule is subject to change.