10 Ideas for Adding a Sentimental Touch to Your Wedding

DATE: July 30, 2014

Every wedding is made special with little touches. Some brides add glitz and glam, while others add a more sentimental touch. Adding sentimental touches is a great way to include all of your guests in your wedding – you can show just how much you appreciate them being there and make them all feel as special as they make you feel. If you’re looking to make your wedding day more family-oriented, but are confused as to how, see our tips below.

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Use a piece of your mom’s dress in your bouquet.

Still looking for your “something borrowed”? This idea lets you have a piece of your mom on your big day and adds a touch of class to your bouquet.  After the wedding day, many brides preserve their wedding dresses in a box, which may sit untouched for years or even decades. This is a way to reuse your mom’s dress, while getting to show off your own style.

Use a piece of your dad’s old shirt.

Taking an old dress shirt of your dad’s and adding a piece to your dress or bouquet can be a simple, but special way to include your dad. You can make it visible by embroidering it on your dress or keep it private by hiding it underneath so only the two of you know.  Either way, it’ll make your dad’s day to know you wanted something special from him.

Recreate a photo from your mom and dads’ wedding.

Surprise your parents and your new in-laws by recreating their wedding photos. Pick a special pose or location where they took their favorite wedding picture and recreate it with you and your new spouse. You can give the picture to them as a thank you after the wedding. It also can be the start of a fun family tradition that can be passed down to your children.

Capture your dad’s 1st look at you in your dress.

Your father’s reaction to seeing you before you walk down the aisle is a priceless moment that every bride cherishes. You’ll always be their “little girl” and capturing this moment, whether by photo or video, will help you both remember that.

Engrave your wedding ring.

Being a sentimental bride means you want a piece of your wedding with you every day. For a unique touch, engrave your wedding ring with the song from your first dance or a special saying between the two of you. We recommend keeping it to yourself until the special day so you can see your spouses’ reaction when they see it.

Exchange a letter with your spouse-to-be on the big day.

If you are following tradition, you won’t see your fiancé the day of your wedding until the ceremony. This can often make one of you, if not both of you, nervous. Writing a heartfelt letter to your future spouse that they can read before the ceremony will show them just how much you mean to them and it’s a meaningful keepsake for after the wedding.

Choose a brand new perfume for your big day.

Your sense of smell can often trigger memories. By buying a brand new scent for your wedding day, you will be able to save pieces of your big day. Every time you spray this scent in the future, you will think back to the excitement that you felt and the love that you shared on your big day.

Take a picture with your flower girl.

If you are very close to the family of your flower girl, do something fun for her. Take a cute picture of the two of you and save it for her wedding day. It’ll mean the world to her that you thought so much of her and she’ll remember just how much fun she had on your day.

Post your “Love Story” at the ceremony entrance.

Show your guests where it all began by writing your important dates on a chalkboard. Include your first date, when you fell in love, your proposal, and any other dates that stand out. You can display the board at the entrance to your ceremony to welcome everyone.

Set up a photo spot for your guests.

Include your guests in your wedding by setting up a photo booth. Include a chalkboard and ask each guest to write you encouraging words or advice. You’ll be amazed at the wisdom they have and they’ll feel special knowing they gave you something you can keep for the rest of your life.

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If you have other ideas or have something to say about one of ours, leave us a comment below or connect with us on TwitterGoogle +, or Facebook! We look forward to hearing from you!

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