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Sundial Beach Resort & Spa, Special Events";
Sundial Beach Resort & Spa, Special Events
  • Get to Know Our New Catering Sales Manager

    Author:  Jordan Barnes   |  Date:  May 25th, 2017

    This month at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa we are excited to introduce the newest member of our sales team, Ashley Goldberg. Get to know our Catering Sales Manager by reading her interview:  Where are you from? Originally I’m from the north, Philadelphia to be exact. What’s your background and how long have you been in the wedding and event [...]

  • Travis & Krystle’s Post-Wedding Recap

    Author:  Jordan Barnes   |  Date:  February 1st, 2017

    Last November, we had the pleasure of hosting the magical wedding between Travis and Krystle. It is always an honor when a couple chooses Sundial to be their location, the place where they officially become a family. Thank you, Krystle, for taking the time to sit down with us and share all about your relationship and wedding. We couldn’t be [...]

  • Xiara & Jason’s Post-Wedding Recap

    Author:  Jordan Barnes   |  Date:  December 1st, 2016

    When Sundial Beach Resort & Spa thinks of a wedding, we think of a new chapter in a couple’s life, where they begin their journey together toward the future. We’ve seen a lot of weddings here on Sanibel, but when one comes together just right, we can’t help but be overjoyed. Recently, Xiara and Jason said their vows on our [...]

  • 6 Steps To Finding The Perfect Destination Wedding Location

    Author:  Sundial Beach Resort & Spa   |  Date:  June 27th, 2016

    Looking for gentle summer breezes to sing sweet melodies? How about the warm Gulf waters lapping in hush, reverent tones? Thinking about the brilliant blue – glorious and sprawling – as a backdrop? And mix it all together with dozens of opportunities for your wedding party to enjoy the time of their lives – at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa? [...]

  • Top 5 Summer Beach Wedding Trends

    Author:  Sundial Beach Resort & Spa   |  Date:  June 7th, 2016

    Beach wedding trends evolve like the shoreline itself. What was popular one year is gone the next. The 2016 summer beach wedding season comes with a few time-honored favorites along with a few cute new looks. Seashell Bouquet – Always a popular item, the seashell bouquet fits right in with a beach wedding, though single ladies may want to be [...]

  • What Would a Sanibel Island Wedding Be Without Traditions?

    Author:  Sundial Beach Resort & Spa   |  Date:  May 10th, 2016

    Did you know that rain on your wedding day is actually considered good luck? While there are plenty of brides who might not agree, it’s true according to Hindu tradition. If it must rain, most brides will feel luckier if it happens much earlier in the day. And what would a Sanibel Island wedding be without traditions? Today’s brides and [...]

  • Stir Things Up With Signature Wedding Drinks

    Author:  Sundial Beach Resort & Spa   |  Date:  April 12th, 2016

    When it comes to planning the perfect wedding, we all know that personalization is the key. How can you make the wedding and reception truly your own? Have you considered offering signature wedding drinks at your reception? This could be the bride and groom’s favorite cocktail beverage. Or go with his and her signature drinks, a favorite of the bride’s [...]

  • Enjoy Exclusive Savings on Your 2016 Wedding at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa!

    Author:  Sundial Beach Resort & Spa   |  Date:  April 4th, 2016

    Looking for a way to have the perfect wedding at a tropical location and save money, too? Have we got something for you! Enjoy special savings when you book your 2016 wedding at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa on beautiful Sanibel Island. This is an exclusive offer that you don’t want to miss. When you book your 2016 wedding at [...]

  • Sundial Is The Perfect Sanibel Island Wedding Venue

    Author:  Sundial Beach Resort & Spa   |  Date:  March 17th, 2016

    A recent destination wedding held at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa had all the makings of a picture-perfect wedding, from beginning to end. As your Sanibel Island wedding venue, we at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa are happy to share these ideas with you in the hope that it may offer inspiration for your own upcoming wedding. Destination Wedding Headquarters [...]

  • Five Wedding Trends for 2016

    Author:  Sundial Beach Resort & Spa   |  Date:  February 19th, 2016

    Spring is just around the corner and so is the beginning of wedding season. Here at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa, we know all about weddings, from small intimate gatherings on the beach to large ballroom weddings with seating for several hundred.  With our wonderful and warm Florida winters, we host weddings year-round here on Sanibel Island. As you make [...]