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DATE: January 21, 2021

Have you had the pleasure of meeting the amazing Sundial Events Team? Learn more about the masters behind so many memorable Sundial moments!
(pictured below, left to right: Tracy, Francesca, Pedro, Lavender)

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Where are you originally from and how long have you been involved in the event business?

Tracy Snyder, Director of Sales and Catering – I have been planning weddings and events for over 20 years. I got my start in Long Island and relocated to Florida in 2005. I love transforming our event space for each and every wedding or event and helping the visions of my brides, grooms and planners vision come to life.
Francesca Giachetta, Sales & Catering Manager – I have been in the event industry for 6 years. My career started in Staten Island and since then I have planned events there as well as Virginia and now Florida!
Pedro Moreira, Banquet Manager – I have been working in Food & Beverage and events since 2008. I started as a banquet server and moved up through the ranks to Banquet Manager.
Lavender Yi, Sales & Catering Manager – I am originally from Virginia and relocated to the area 5 years ago, when I started my career in the events department.

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What trends do you see in food and events for 2021?

T. S. – Intimate weddings and micro-weddings with virtual elements are naturally a trend for 2021 and beyond. We are seeing more and more sight unseen destination weddings as well and have adapted to help guide our couples through the process by offering virtual site visits and zoom calls. Our resort offers the perfect atmosphere for our couples to spend multiple days with all of their guests so we are transforming a Wedding Day into a “VowCation” with friends and family. Weekday events have also become more popular as calendars continue to fill up due to postponed or rescheduled events.
From a design standpoint, I’m very excited about the move toward more bold, dramatic and colorful décor. With smaller guest lists, there is more room in the budget for bold centerpieces and large display pieces like chandeliers, furniture and more.
F. G. – I agree with Tracy, smaller, more intimate gatherings are a huge trend this year. This actually allows for more menu creativity, as the hosts are more familiar with their guests’ tastes, and our team can really customize the menu to the specific tastes of the group.
P. M. – I think we’ll see a return of more meetings. With our Meeting Owl Camera, we’re able to create a hybrid meeting environment that allows guests on-site and those at another location to collaborate in the moment. The Owl camera also allows couples to share their wedding ceremony with friends and family unable to attend their event.
L. Y. – In addition to smaller groups, we are also seeing a trend toward more last-minute bookings and a bigger focus on family. With a smaller party, you don’t need as much lead time to coordinate everyone’s schedules. However, we are still seeing many requests for large weddings, as well.

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What creative solutions does Sundial offer to help make events happen while keeping guests and staff safe?

T. S. – We are lucky to have ample outdoor space and large indoor ballrooms with windows and doors that open for open-air events. In addition, we are getting creative with the setup and floorplan. We are seating fewer guests at each table and using larger spaces for guests to spread out.
F. G. – Being located on the beach with so much outdoor space allows us to transform the space to our guests’ vision and enjoy the fresh air.
L. Y. – Like Tracy and Francesca mentioned, our outdoor venues are perfect for creating open-air events for weddings, meetings and other celebrations.

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What makes Sundial a great event space?

T. S. – I touched on our ability to provide “VowCations” earlier. This same concept works for weddings, meetings, corporate incentive trips, family reunions, etcetera. We offer a full-service resort, packed with a multitude of activities for all ages as well as various dining options to please every palate. Groups can check into their spacious condos and then meet up on the beach or at a cabana pool-side where the fun begins. When it is time for the event or meeting, we have multiple indoor and outdoor spaces to choose from.
F. G. – Sundial is Gulf-front with so many different event spaces. I love that we can have a beautiful wedding on Turtle Beach and have a corporate dinner or retreat on the Terrace or Lace Murex Lawn. Sundial’s space is so interchangeable and that is something guests love!
P. M. – We have the best space to create any type of event and the best staff to help execute that event. Having the right training and protocols in place allows us to provide a safe place for our guests and staff to enjoy.
L. Y. – With so many outdoor venue options and multiple ballroom spaces, we are able to give our guests just the right environment for their event. It also helps to be right on the beach! Everyone likes being able to have their own vacation time when they aren’t participating in a function.

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What are your favorite memorable moments from past Sundial events?

T. S. – I love it when a couple or client asks to do something we haven’t done before and I can get creative. The most memorable moments though are getting to know my couples and their families while they are on site. We spend so much time together planning, rehearsing, everything that goes into the big day, that by the time the wedding or event is happening I feel like I am one of their guests! I also have so much fun planning events with couples who have never actually visited the resort prior to their wedding. When they arrive and we meet to do a tour or a tasting I love to watch their reactions to our beautiful spaces and amazing food. We truly exceed their expectations every time!
F. G. – Taking a vision that a bride or planner has and making it into a reality is why I love being in the hospitality industry. I love putting all the pieces together and seeing it come to life. I also love that no two events are the same. It really helps you to be more creative and I love to see Sundial transform from event to event. Making clients happy makes me happy at the end of the day.
P. M. – The best part is being able to put on so many different events and working closely with the hosts to make their day the most special of their life. This is only possible with great communication and I am confident that we have the best team.
L. Y. – I love to see the different décor that brides use based on the location of their wedding. When they are on Lace Murex Lawn, you see a lot more of the tropical themes come up. West Lawn has more classic ceremonies, whereas the beach has a variety of themes, ranging from classic, coastal, bohemian or beachy. It’s so fun to see how our spaces inspire them to design their big day.


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