Sundial Post-Hurricane Update

DATE: November 14, 2022


I want to begin by saying a heartfelt thank you to the hundreds of people who have reached out and sent their love and well wishes to our Sundial Team. In this difficult time, your kind words help to raise our spirits and motivate us to conquer challenges as we restore our beloved resort.

As you know, Hurricane Ian made landfall in Southwest Florida and caused devastating damage to Sanibel Island and the surrounding areas. The island was not accessible for a period of time as the focus was on rescue and recovery missions; in addition, the causeway was damaged in several areas making it impassable. Amazingly, a temporary causeway was up and running by day 15!

Inspections and clean-up are underway at the resort and we hope to have a repair timeline soon. (We have canceled reservations until we can announce a reopening date.) Our mission is to rebuild and come back as the best version of Sundial that we can be!


Sincerely, Becky Miller

Sundial Beach Resort & Spa General Manager


The resort received varying degrees of damage. Turtle’s Tiki Bar was a victim of the surge and was washed away. The Fitness Center, Turtle Scouts and Slice of Paradice were also casualties of the flooding, as were the marketplace and office annex. Our lobby level experienced some damage while the third floor sustained minimal damage. The accommodations on the east and west sides sustained damage ranging from minimal to substantial. The tennis and pickleball courts were damaged although most of the new pickleball fencing remained intact. And, for all the kids asking: Yes! The pool slide is still standing!


A temporary causeway structure makes the island accessible during certain hours, however, entry is limited to residents, business owners, emergency teams, and select others with permits. No one can drive to the island without a special city-issued permit and enforcement is stringent. Please note that the island is NOT open to the public at this time and there is a curfew in place.

The Sanibel Lighthouse and its outbuildings were heavily hit by the storm. The historic outbuildings were washed away but the lighthouse remained standing as a beacon of hope. A few weeks following the storm, the lighthouse’s missing leg was recovered, and teams are working on a plan to repair the structure.

Damage to island homes, businesses, and attractions was wide-spread and varied based on location and structure type.


sundial staff at deromos

While we work to rebuild, Sundial’s management company has been diligently searching to find opportunities for our displaced workers at our sister properties including DeRomo’s Gourmet Market and Restaurant in Bonita Springs, World Equestrian Center in Ocala, and other locations from Arizona to Ohio. Pictured above are some familiar faces you may recognize, now at DeRomo’s.

A core team of dedicated employees has been working to assess, clean up and clear debris from the resort; they are our unsung heroes. Several others are working remotely from our reservations center.  We look forward to the time when we can reunite and welcome our team back home to Sundial.

We will continue to post updates and photos on social media as they are available. Follow @sundialresort on Facebook and Instagram to see our progress.

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