A Sundial Family Wedding

DATE: February 25, 2022

Late last year, we had the honor of planning a wedding for a member of our Sundial family, Sundial Resort General Manager Becky Miller’s daughter Avery. We spoke with Avery about her and Eddie’s big day and the special touches that made the day perfect.

All photos by @taylornicollephoto

How did you meet?

Eddie and I met while I was doing an internship in Hawaii! He was stationed there with the Army, and it was the summer before my senior year of college. After I graduated, I moved out to be with him in Hawaii, and eventually, Florida, which is where we were engaged in July of 2020!

How did he propose?

I always tease Eddie about not being able to plan anything, but for this, he was able to sneak my best friends and family all to Destin to propose to me on a Friday evening after work. He forced me to get ready for a date night and dragged me over to the beach by our house for a glass of wine before we went to dinner. I even jokingly patted him down saying, “you better not be proposing!” When we got there, there was a photographer blatantly perched up next to us (ironically, he was there on unrelated business) but I laughed and thought, “if he were proposing, there’s no way it would be this blatant. He said some very sweet words and then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. After I enthusiastically said, “YES!”  he told me to turn around, and all of my favorite people were there waiting on me! We celebrated all weekend, and it was a blast! I couldn’t believe he pulled that off without me having any idea… I am VERY nosy!

avery and eddie wedding beach ceremony pampras grass sundial sanibel

What were some of your favorite details about your wedding?

I loved all of the amazing Sundial food and staff; it truly went off without a hitch! We had an appetizer bar for our rehearsal, a late-night snack bar added to the reception after our dinner, and a breakfast buffet for the next morning. All weekend, my guests raved about the food! I also loved my pampas grass backdrops made by Something Bloomed and the amazing groomsmen cake! Lady Cakes executed my design perfectly and was so up for the challenge! Not to mention, their cakes are delish!

avery and eddie wedding dinner table setup sundial sanibel

What were some memorable moments from your wedding day?

Some of the most memorable moments were the surprises my mom and friends worked on for me, coupled with the laughs I shared with my new husband and guests at the reception. Getting those intimate moments with the ones you love, is so important. It really does make the whole day. Some of my favorites were getting to see my photographer, Taylor, a friend from college, laughing about hauling my dress through the sand, my first look with my brother, and dinner with my honey!

avery and eddie wedding dinner outside sundial sanibel

Would you recommend Sundial Resort to other couples? Why?

OF COURSE! Sundial is not only in a beautiful setting with delicious food, but is staffed by some of the nicest, most professional people I’ve met. Tracy was my coordinator and was so hands-on and detail-oriented it was almost scary. She knew what was going on better than I did. All our guests were able to stay on-site and were able to enjoy their free time on the property. Everyone loved it just as much as I did, and it was the best weekend ever!

avery and eddie wedding couple portrait beach sundial sanibel

What advice would you give to future bride and grooms?

I would say, lay out a timeline and keep a planner. That way you stay on track. Also, knock out your big stuff first! Then you can start to relax more. Don’t wait until the last few months or weeks to get your projects done.

Next would be to keep it realistic. No one cares about a guest favor (especially for a destination wedding). Save your money there and put it towards something more important.

Also, leave time to enjoy yourself! Whether that manifests itself as time off before the wedding, during that weekend, or after, don’t forget about what YOU want! Your wedding is your day, have fun!


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