Anna & Jake Say I Do in Perfect Beach Ceremony

DATE: January 7, 2021

Anna and Jake tied the knot at Sundial this winter in a picture-perfect beach ceremony. From meeting at a football game to dancing under the stars on Sanibel, their story has been a beautiful one. Find out more about their big day!

How did you meet?

We met in the stands of a high school football game in 2010 (their freshman year).

anna and jake wedding bohemian road photography sundial sanibel bride and groom beach ceremony

Did you always want to get married on the beach and why?

Anna’s dream was always to get married somewhere warm with palm trees, so a beach ceremony seemed very fitting.

anna and jake wedding bohemian road photography sundial sanibel wedding party on beach

What was the inspiration behind your dress, suit, and your bridal party’s attire?

The dress: Anna wanted a dress that was romantic and dreamy. She picked a dress and worked closely with her seamstress to make it unique to her style and vision.

The suit: Jake originally went with a light tan color suit but was less successful with customizations compared to Anna. Let’s just say, he was still drowning in the suit even after significant alterations. While searching for another option, he found a blue suit that fit better and looked better with the wedding color scheme.

The wedding party attire: For the bridesmaids, Anna chose simple, flowy dresses in different variations of blue. For the groomsmen, we went with a less formal version of the groom’s suit and stuck with just the blue pants and a white button-down shirt.

anna and jake wedding bohemian road photography sundial sanibel bride groom champagne toast

What were some of your favorite details about your wedding?

Looking back, there are so many wedding and reception details that we could talk about. A few of our favorite details were some of the smaller things like guests getting handed champagne as we greeted them to our cocktail hour where the wait staff was serving hors d’oeuvres. Another detail that we appreciate was purchasing extra cupcakes in addition to our wedding cake, so that we could actually enjoy them the next day.

anna and jake wedding bohemian road photography sundial sanibel beach reception table set up decor

Considering the multiple venues at Sundial, why did you choose to have your reception on Turtle Beach?

From the very beginning of our venue search, Anna was on the lookout for an outdoor space where she could hang as many cafe lights as possible. After looking at multiple venues, Sundial’s Turtle Beach location was unlike any other. The possibilities within the space seemed endless, and we were able to design our reception layout, which included 600 feet of perfectly strung cafe lights. Also, being from Minnesota, it felt like a dream to be able to have our reception in 80-degree weather, surrounded by palm trees under the stars in the month of November.

anna and jake wedding bohemian road photography sundial sanibel bride groom first dance outdoor sand

Was there a specific memorable moment during the wedding or reception?

Our wedding was everything we could have hoped for, and there are so many memories that we will never forget. But one moment that our friends and family will always remember is the feeling of pure happiness as we all danced together on a sand dance floor, under the palm trees and twinkling lights.



Florist – Tom Trovato

Photography – Bohemian Road Photography

All photos provided by Bohemian Road Photography

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