10 Photos to Capture at a Beach Wedding

DATE: September 17, 2014

Here are our top 10 best beach wedding photo moments to capture on your wedding day. The beach is perfect for romantic wedding day photos at sunset and in the sand but there is plenty more you can take advantage of to get the best photos from your beachside service.

1. Barefoot at the Beach
No shoes. No problem. Who wears shoes to the beach anyway? Beach wedding dress codes can be as nontraditional and casual as the bride and groom desire. Capture the casual and cool setting of your beach-side wedding, side-by-side with your toes in the sand. You can even dress up your bare feet with foot jewelry, available online for under $10.

wedding 1

2. Celebrating in the Sand

Weddings are a day to celebrate love, union and the future. So grab your groom and capture the celebration seaside in the sand. Show your excitement with an action shot of you and the groom jumping in the air. This shot is meant to look like a candid so don’t worry about jumping in sync. Just have fun and wing it! To incorporate your wedding colors, ask your florist to set aside flower petals ahead of time for you to toss up during this shot.

wedding 3

3. Messages in the Sand

Write “Just Married,” in the sand and separately capture it by standing behind it. Every year on your anniversary, take a picture of a message written in the sand with the date or number of years together. This is a great way to create your first tradition as husband and wife, while capturing your love as it evolves into the future.

wedding 2

4. Sunset Shots

There is nothing more romantic than Sanibel Island’s beautiful sunsets. Capture the passion between you and your groom with the fiery sky burning in the background, standing along the shore of the salty sea.

5. Seashell Ring Shot

More seashells can be found on the shores of Sanibel Island than almost anywhere else in the world. Just like rings are unique to marriage, seashells are unique to the island. Capture the union of your lives on the island with a picture by incorporating your rings and a sea shell seaside in the sand. wedding 4

6. Selfie by the Sea

You just said “I do” and you’re ready to celebrate, but first… make sure to “take a selfie.” Before posting the selfie to social media, ask your photographer to capture it. After all, this selfie marks a social media moment in history for you and your groom. It will be the first time you post a picture as husband and wife to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Just don’t forget the hashtag! #SundialResort wedding 5

7. Sun-kissed

Steal kisses from your new groom under the sun and capture the profile of the kiss by standing in front of the sunlight, which will create a shadow. Here at Sundial Resort, we refer to shadows generated in photographs on the beach as “sundialing.” Like the previous photo, we encourage you to share this photo on social media with hashtag #Sundialing.

8. Capturing “The First Glance”

There is no sweeter moment than the groom’s reaction after seeing his new bride for the first time. This moment is traditionally shared with everyone, as the bride walks down the aisle toward the altar and the groom. However, modern brides have started mixing up this tradition by sharing it alone with the groom before the ceremony even starts. This intimate moment is definitely one to capture. To keep the moment private, ask the photographer to take it from afar.

 wedding 7

9. Flower Girl Sitting Seaside

You have been dreaming about your wedding day since you were a little girl. For flower girls, being part of a wedding feels like a dream come true. In fact, she is probably just as excited as you are for the “I do’s.” And if you were ever a flower girl, then you already know that she too feels like the bride. Capture her innocence. It is a day she’ll never want to forget.

wedding 10

10. Kisses Under Her Veil by the Sea

Get lost with your groom under your veil. The ocean’s breeze creates a romantic movement of your veil. This is a romantic shot and a perfect way to bring your veil to life in photographs. This is a beach wedding photo moment you won’t want to miss!

wedding 8

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