The Activities Team Makes the Fun at Sundial

DATE: October 27, 2017

Our Activities Team is in charge of making sure everyone has fun at Sundial! They’ve come from far and wide to bring our guests unique experiences they won’t soon forget. Find out more about this entertaining group in this month’s Meet the Team feature:   

Where are you from and how long have you been in the hospitality industry?

Onorio: I grew up in Montego Bay, Jamaica where most of my life revolved around the performing arts, mainly dancing but also customer service. I had my first internship job at a hotel at 15 years old where I needed hours to graduate high school. I worked as an entertainment coordinator and from then on (about 7 years), all my jobs were in the hospitality field.

Claude: I’m also from Montego Bay, Jamaica and have been a part of this industry for 9 years.

Sarah: I majored in communications and have a meeting and event planning professional certificate from the University of Cincinnati. I’m originally from Zanesville, Ohio and have been in the hospitality industry for 3 years.

Jean: I’m from Haiti and I’ve been in hospitality for 10 years.

Tyler: I am from Fort Myers. I’ve been in hospitality for 3 years and before this I was a personal fitness trainer for 3 years.

Valerie: I moved here from Los Angeles. I was in the retail/food industry before joining the Activities Team and started 6 months ago in hospitality.

What drew you to Sundial?

Onorio: I was attracted to Sundial because I am a great entertainer and the recreation attendant position is a great platform to excel at that.

Sarah: I worked for Columbus Hospitality Management in Ohio and knew that I wanted to live in Florida. There was an opening in recreation so I interviewed and took it. Who wouldn’t want to work on the beach?!

Tyler: I had friends that worked here and it looked like a fun job!

What is your favorite part of your job?

Onorio: My favorite part of my job is meeting people from all over the world and working creatively to entertain the guests, especially kids.

Sarah: My favorite part of my job is the people that I get to meet. I love talking to guests and hearing their stories.

Jean: I love being able to enjoy the beach and scenery while at work.

Tyler: I love to compete with guests on the log roll!

What is your most memorable or meaningful experience with a guest?

Onorio: My most memorable and meaningful experience with a guest was when a little girl by the name of Ana told me I was her motivation to keep dancing after I demonstrated and helped her with some challenging dance techniques.

Claude: My most memorable experience with a guest would have to be the day I took two kids out on a kayak because their mom wasn’t able to. Seeing that smile on their faces was just awesome.

Sarah: My most memorable experience with a guest was on the Fourth of July. We had cardboard boat races and the families had to make their own boats with limited supplies. The boat had to get from one end of the pool to the other. Watching the families work together and seeing their excitement was a moment I won’t forget.

Valerie: When I first started there was a teen girl who would not get off her cell phone, so I suggested to her mom to go paddle boarding and they had so much fun. I got to see them bond.

What’s the best/most unexpected perk of being a part of the Activities Team?

Onorio: The best, most unexpected perk of being a part of the activities team is consistently hearing different accents from guests and trying to guess, without them telling me, what part of America and or the world they are from.

Claude: The best part of being a part of the activities team is that we get to see the guests more than any other department so we have a better chance to make a great impact on their stay.

Sarah: The best perk of being a part of the activities team is that we get to develop a fun experience for the guests. We come up with different crafts and activities and get to enjoy their vacation with them.

Tyler: The best perk of the activities team is being able to do all the activities with guests! We also get to go shelling for the crafts we do!


Planning your next Sundial adventure? Be sure to check out our activities calendar to find out what you’ll be doing with Onorio, Claude, Sarah, Jean, Tyler and Valerie.


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