Amanda and Kyle’s Glamorous Wedding Recap

DATE: June 22, 2017

Earlier this month, we had the pleasure of hosting Amanda and Kyle’s “island glam” wedding. We’re honored to have been a part of the union of a wonderful family. Thank you to Amanda and Kyle for sitting down to answer some questions and sharing their story that led to this magical moment. Congratulations to you both, again!

How did you meet?

Amanda and I met when she was a senior in high school. We met initially when she was about to take her ACT and began to talk from there. Talking turned into going to prom together and now, 8 years later, we are married.

What three words would your guests use to describe your wedding?

Energetic – The energy was second to none from the ceremony until the end of the night.

Groovy – Everyone was on the dance floor the entire night, we had a blast!

Intense – The colors of the sky against the water and sand just before the storm made our backdrop and pictures turn out amazing.


What was your wedding style?

Island Glam – We wanted to mix the beautiful beach views with a little glam and some personal touches, like a memory table.

Why did you decide to have the wedding at Sundial?

Sundial stood out to us initially because of the beautiful property and recent renovations. After meeting with Tiffany and learning about the package options, we knew Sundial was the place for us!

How many other venues did you look at? What made Sundial the one?

We started our search online from Minnesota looking at different resorts from the Atlantic side of Florida around to the panhandle. We planned a trip to Florida where we were looking at three resorts. When we got to Sanibel and we saw Sundial, we knew we needed to see it up close. We called Tiffany and she set aside time to show us the property and we signed our contract that same afternoon.

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How did he propose?

Kyle and I lived in Indiana while I was in graduate school, but I was spending time in Minnesota with my parents. Little did I know Kyle had worked with my parents to set up a trip to the Walker Art Museum for family pictures on the fourth of July. We got to the Museum to take pictures and Kyle came from behind one of the sculptures to photobomb us and then he proposed!

What are some of your most memorable moments from being together?

Some of our best memories have included moving for the first time together, traveling, taking Kyle to Florida for the first time, going to Disney World, and seeing the Lakers play.

What are some of your most memorable moments from the wedding?

The day after our wedding, we decided to use the kayaks and paddle boards at Sundial. After a while of being on the kayaks, Kyle decided to use the paddle board and instantly fell off into the water. Amid falling, Kyle lost his wedding band… not even 24 hours after getting it! We searched for a while before deciding we would be unable to find it by ourselves. Kyle did a Google search and found a company that comes and searches the area via metal detectors. The Ring Finders as they are called came out and after a half hour of searching found Kyle’s ring – turning this sad memory into a funny one with a good lesson!

Would you recommend Sundial to other couples?

We would absolutely recommend Sundial to other couples. Sundial offers great views with an amazing property that all our guests enjoyed. It was great to have food on site and local restaurant options, as well as bike, kayak and paddle board rentals all in one place! Sundial was competitive on pricing for wedding packages and all their staff members were very helpful to us and our guests.

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Do you have any funny stories from the wedding?

Kyle’s grandpa was our officiant and during the ceremony, he said, “Kyle, repeat after me… Do you Kyle…” and he went on to talk for a little so Kyle became nervous that he was going to have to remember everything his grandpa was saying and repeat it to me. So, once his grandpa stopped talking Kyle said, “Do you Kyle…” instead of the “I do” his grandpa looking for.

What are you looking forward to most about marriage?

We are looking forward to starting a family, continuing to travel and making more great memories together and with our friends and families.

A DJ With Class – DJ

Seaside Strings – Ceremony music

Kakes by Karen – Wedding and groom’s cake

Floral Artistry – Flowers, centerpieces, and arch

Nick Adams Photography – Photography and Videography

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