Baseball’s Opening Day 2013

DATE: March 20, 2013

I can’t believe Spring Training is almost over and Opening Day is only a week and a half away! So far my husband and son have already been to 3 games, and they’re going to more during spring break, but they’re lamenting the end of spring training. While I don’t get to as many games as the boys, I do love having the Red Sox and Twins in our neighborhood every year, even if it is only for a month. It’s exciting to watch the teams get back together after their break and find their rhythm, getting revved up for opening day.

Though the Houston Astros will play the Texas Rangers Easter night, the MLB won’t really get swinging until the next day. And what a day it will be for the Red Sox! Boston will start the regular season against archrivals the New York Yankees, and on Yankee turf to boot! They’ve played the Yankees once so far during spring training and will play them again today. Though they lost the first time around, last week’s strong showing (and the Yankee’s all around lack luster performance in training) could give them the edge they need to win today and go into the regular season on equal footing against their pin-striped foe.

The Twins won’t get off much easier. Though they won’t be facing off against rivals the Chicago White Sox, their opponents the Detroit Tigers had a strong 2012 record (strength of their league not withstanding). However, the Twins have held their own during training this far and all the work they have done to cultivate a strong farm team may pay off early. If nothing else, they have the home team advantage.

While our two spring training neighbors wrap up their warm up games and get psyched up for that big first game, I thought it would be fun to challenge myself and all of you to attempt to workout like a baseball pro. I know I’ll never make it to the big leagues (I’d be lucky to make it on a little league team) but I know I can do these exercises! This workout was designed to mimic the training done by the Philadeplhia Phillies (sorry I couldn’t find one for our guys!) and covers all areas of the body with moves that are simple and don’t require any fancy equipment. Here it is: Workout Like a Professional Baseball Player

Let me know how you like the baseball workout everyone and be sure to keep rooting on Red Sox and Twins!

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