The Basics of Paddle Boarding

DATE: May 10, 2017

Paddle Boarding is the hottest water sport out right now. Luckily, as a Sundial Resort guest, you can try it out for yourself for free! The Gulf is a perfect place to try paddle boarding because it’s much calmer than the ocean. If you’re thinking about trying out this fun new activity on your next visit, check out these beginner tips to get you ready for your first adventure.

  • Find a calm practice space – Ocean waves are not conducive to beginner, or even intermediate, paddle boarders. It’s best to get your start on a body of water that is calm and with only a light current, like the Gulf, inlets, lakes etc.
  • Kneel before you stand – When first getting on a paddle board, you should brace your hands on both sides of the center of the board and climb on in a kneeling position. Once you get a feel for whether or not you’re balanced, then you can make the decision to adjust and stand up.
  • Don’t forget your leash – When you are just getting started, falling is part of the process so keep your leash on so your board can’t get away from you.

Now, once you’re up and have some control in the water, just enjoy the view! The more you practice, the more confident you will be exploring new water environments on your board.

We hope you’ll take the opportunity to try out this fun new sport the next time you visit Sundial Beach Resort & Spa!

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