Beach Ornament Ideas for Your Tree

DATE: December 16, 2021

We love Christmas trees that show off personality! Infuse your tree with these beach ornament ideas to help you remember your favorite vacations and getaways each year.

Simple Shell Ornaments:

The simplest way to get your favorite shells from sand to spruce is by adding an ornament hook. Some shells already have small holes you can loop the hook through. For others, a little dab of hot glue on the back of the shell will do the trick!

Painted Shells:

If you like to stick to a specific color theme, painted shell ornaments are the way to go! Use acrylic paint to coat your shells to match the other decor on your tree. Once dry, either loop a hook through an existing hole or use hot glue to attach.

etsy holiday beach ornament ideas

Sand Globe:

Example Image from Etsy

Open a clear bauble and fill it with sand and sparkle for a beachy snow globe. Depending on the size of the ornament, you may even be able to fit in tiny shells or pieces of sea glass for extra flair!


shell diy ornament christmas turtle

Creature Crafts:

Let your creativity run wild by creating sea creatures – or your own unique invention – from shells in your collection. Lay out the shells you’d like to use for the project and play around with them to see what shapes you can create. For example, small shells with a large round center shell make an easy turtle!



We hope you enjoy creating new ornaments to show off your love of the beach this holiday season!

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