Beach-Themed Wrapping Ideas

DATE: December 20, 2021

There are just a few days left before Christmas and we thought you could use some inspiration for your gift wrapping with these beach-themed wrapping ideas!

gifts detective beach themed wrapping shell decorations

Skip the bow and add a shell:

Image from Gifts Detective

In lieu of a traditional bow topper, tie your ribbon around a shell for a special piece of the beach to highlight your gift. You can secure the shell in place with hot glue or by tying your ribbon round the shell. Using twine and sprucing the top with raffia can also give you a more natural look that coordinates with the shell.




plumeandproper shell name tags beach themed wrapping ideas

Swap a hang tag for a hang shell:

Image from @plumeandproper

With a paint pen, simply write out the name of your recipient on your chosen shell. Bivalves, like clams, scallops, and oysters, work best for this because they have a large, smooth area to write on. You can secure your tag with twine through a natural hole or by securing the twin with hot glue.



Stamp with shells:

Bivalves and sand dollars can make great stamps to add a special touch to simple gift wrap. Start with plain butcher paper and roll it out on a flat surface. Make sure your shells are clean, then dip them in a shallow dish of craft paint and stamp away across your roll. Once dry, you can use the roll to wrap all of your wonderful holiday gifts. Even better, this motif is good to use year-round!

Colorful cut-outs:

Embellish your wrapped gifts with bright cut-outs of beach staples. Palm trees, simple shells, and sea creatures can be cut out of felt or colored paper and added to your wrapped gift for a unique and personal touch.

We hope these ideas help bring a little bit of paradise to your presents this year!

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