Celebrate National Seashell Day on Sanibel Island

DATE: April 29, 2016

If you’re looking for the best way to celebrate National Seashell Day, we’ve got the perfect place and the perfect promotion here at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa on Sanibel Island.

With Sanibel Island being the premier site for shelling in North America, there’s no better place to celebrate National Seashell Day. To help you celebrate all summer long, here’s what you can expect from our Sundial Shellebration special:

  • Get a fourth night’s stay free when you stay for three days
  • Free shelling cruise for up to four people to a barrier island accessible only by boat with Adventures in Paradise
  • Free exclusive Sundial mesh shelling bags for up to four, complete with shell guides
  • Assistance from our on-site Sanibel Sea School shellmasters in identifying your finds

The Beaches of Sanibel and Fort Myers have declared June 20 as the official holiday, giving shelling enthusiasts and others a reason to commemorate their favorite pastime as well as the perfect reason for a summer getaway. Yielding more than 400 species of multi-colored seashells, you can see why the area encourages the celebration of this fine holiday.

Shelling is Serious Here

With names like kitten’s paw, alphabet cone, baby’s ear and angel wings, you can see that shelling is taken seriously in this area. During your shelling excursions you can find everything from the basic clam and scallop to the more exotic olives, tulips, paper fig shells and maybe even the brown speckled junonia, a once-in-a-lifetime find that is considered the rarest of them all.

Shelling Boat Excursion

The Adventures in Paradise shelling cruise takes you to a remote barrier island only accessible by boat. There you’ll find miles of uninhabited beaches and pristine clear waters. Snorkels, masks, and floats are provided so you can seek out shells underwater too. Along the way, you’re likely to see wildlife including dolphins, manatees, sea turtles and more! Pack a picnic lunch or eat at the island’s waterside restaurant (not included.)

Celebrate National Shell Day with your family at Sundial Beach Resort and Spa!

Sanibel is the Best Shelling Beach

The island’s configuration encourages shelling with its boomerang shape that slows down the shells and gently washes them to shore in one piece. You can often find seashells left behind by sea creatures just beneath the surface of the sand where the surf breaks. Because of the abundance of these natural treasures on Sanibel, you’ll find many shelling enthusiasts taking what’s become known as the famous “Sanibel stoop” position as they search.

Visit Sanibel’s Shell Museum

During your four night Shellebration stay at Sundial, you’ll likely want to make a visit to the Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum, located here on Sanibel Island. The museum has the largest collection of shells in North America and is worth a visit. For National Seashell Day, a visit to this museum is a must.

Sanibel Island Shelling Tips

  • Shell is best at low tide.
  • Don’t forget to also walk the shell line where the highest waves stop as they wash onto the sand.
  • Be patient. Shelling is not a rushed activity. Enjoy the beauty of your surroundings and relax.
  • Use a fine mesh bag, like the exclusive Sundial shelling bag. The mesh allows water and sand to escape but not your shell treasures.
  • Remember to take only uninhabited shells. Gently return living creatures back to their homes.

Shelling Makes You Thirsty

After a morning or afternoon of shelling, you’re sure to have worked up a thirst for a cold beverage and maybe an appetite for lunch or a snack. There is no shortage of restaurant options here at Sundial. Head on over to Turtle’s Pool & Beach Bar or Slice of Paradice and enjoy your favorite cold beverage, snack or ice cream. Or if it’s late, make reservations for dinner at Sea Breeze Café or our newest restaurant, Shima Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar.

Ready to celebrate National Sea Shell Day on Sanibel Island? Contact us today to take advantage of our Shellebration special.

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