Discover the Wonders of Shelling at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa

DATE: July 7, 2015

Within the illustrious backdrop, along the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico in South Florida, the soft, quiet roar of deep waters resonates, the unrelenting glory of the sun glares overhead and the damp, grainy feel of earth keeps knocking upon your feet. You are locked into your minutes – at the water’s edge.

Nothing else – in those moments – seems to matter, during your search for the perfect shell, the ideal icon of the sea’s beautiful works of art. This is shelling and this is Sundial Beach Resort & Spa at Sanibel Island on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Discover the Wonders of Shelling at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa

You want to find the place on the North American map deemed the best place for shelling? It is Sanibel Island, according to

A broad undercurrent shelf delivers shell-laden currents to the gentle Gulf beaches, which are covered in a blanket of tiny pastel coquinas and false angel wings, notes

Sundial Guests Can Explore Beaches for the Finest Shells

In Sanibel Island, as guest at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa, it is the business of the artisan, the esthetic, the idealist – to search for shells. In fact, even 18th century German idealist Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling could have found paradise along this coastline of the New World.

Discover the Wonders of Shelling at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa

But – as with any searcher – you have to lay down a plan; you have to put in motion a strategy of exploration:

  • Check the local newspaper’s tide charts. The best shelling times are immediately prior to and following low tide. That’s when the tide is at its lowest – near full and new moons.
  • Stormy weather ain’t no problem for true-blood explorers. In fact, the best periods for discovering the best shells – the splendid ocean treasures – are following heavy rains or storms: Behold the collection nature sent ashore.
  • Speaking of the weather, winter is sometimes the best time for shelling – fewer humans decorate the landscape and waters are generally more choppy, which makes for more exquisite and unusual selections.
  • Go west, young man. Or perhaps – at Sanibel Island – go east, to the coast’s highlands. Often the high tides toss the finest treasures in areas where ordinary explorers fail to look.
  • Dawn’s early light is the best. Often the less experienced shellers are sipping coffee or doing the early-morning stretch. Sometimes the best time is when the first rays of sun are stretching over the eastern horizon, casting long glances over the sleepy Gulf waters. It’s in those early moments of the day when the grandest treasures are found.

Discover the Wonders of Shelling at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa

Only uninhabited shells can be taken. Live shells may be admired and promptly returned to the Gulf.  A live shell is defined as any specimen containing an inhabitant, whether or not the mollusk seems alive. The law also protects sand dollars, starfish and sea urchins.

There it is, dear sheller. North America’s finest opportunity.

Looking for the best place on the map for shelling?  Stay at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa and bring your deepest shelling dreams to life. For more information, call 866-565-5093.

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