Don’t Forget National Seashell Day

DATE: June 17, 2016

National Seashell Day is June 20, and Sundial Beach Resort & Spa invites you to scour the world famous Sanibel Island for amazing examples of seashells.

Sanibel Island is home to some of the most sought after shells in the area including the Lion’s Paw and the Scotch Bonnet.

We offer you a few tips to make your shelling adventure a memorable one:

  • When to Shell – You can find shell treasures anytime, but the experts suggest an hour before and after low tide or after a storm.
  • Netbags – Those net bags you see for sale are no joke. They really work. They not only keep your shells safe but also allow sand and water to fall through the netting. Each Sundial Beach Resort & Spa unit comes with a complimentary Sundial shelling bag for guests.
  • Location – Stay near the beach. You’re more likely to get an early start to your shelling if you’re close to the beach. The early bird gets the shells.
  • Cheat Sheet – Get a photo guide to identify what you find. You may have stumbled across a coveted Junonia, but if you’re new to shelling, you may not know the prize you have. Our Sundial shelling bags come with a shell guide.  You can also get marine educators from Sanibel Sea School at Sundial to help you identify your finds

Two kids identifying shells on the beach.

Check Your Shells

No shelling tips blog would be complete without a few admonitions. It is prohibited to take any shells that have live creatures still inside. This goes for live sand dollars and starfish too. To be on the safe side leave anything alive on the beach. It could cost you a pretty penny as the fine is $500 for each offending shell. The law is strictly enforced.

Also, remember that it’s sea turtle nesting season through October. Mind the cordoned off areas and if you’re fortunate enough to see a baby turtle just enjoy it with your eyes.

Sundial is located on one of the best Sanibel shelling beaches and offers the Sanibel Sea School. The school offers programs that teach children, family and group sessions about the wide variety of shells available. And don’t forget about the Sundial Shellebration special, which includes a shelling cruise for four to a barrier island.  This really is the perfect place for shelling on  National Seashell Day or any day.

For information about Sundial Beach Resort & Spa, contact us today.

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