Easter Beach Crafts

DATE: April 14, 2022

We have the perfect project to get you in a festive Easter mood: Easter beach crafts! Learn how to transform your shells and eggs while enjoying quality time with your friends and family, creating fun, beach-inspired crafts to help you decorate for the holiday.

easter beach craft shell covered eggs etsy shop socialbutterflies

Shell Covered Easter Eggs

Photo from Etsy Shop SocialButterflies

Inspired by the beautiful work from this Etsy shop, create your own DIY shell eggs. You’ll need a Styrofoam egg to be your base, a hot glue gun to apply the shells, a large collection of shells to cover the base (these can be all the same type or a variety of different bivalves), and spray paint to finish the look.

Begin by applying the shells at the top of the egg and layering them down and around to fill in any holes until you have completely covered the shape. Once complete, spray generously with your preferred Easter paint color and you’re all done!

painted eggs easter beach craft pinterest

Beach Scene Egg Painting

Photo from Pinterest

Instead of creating an egg from the beach, paint an egg with images inspired by the beach! For this craft, you will need paints, brushes, and eggs – that’s it! With a pencil, you can sketch out your designs freehand or trace a shape you like from a printout. This is a great one for little kids to participate in. get them set up with a design and let them paint away!

easter beach craft flower shells etsy shop avesbeachfaves

Shell Flowers

Photos from Etsy Shop AvesBeachFaves

For more general, sprint-time Easter themes, you can try these shell flowers, from Etsy.  To assemble, gather a collection of shells, like coquina or jingles, and sort them from biggest to smallest. Your biggest shells will be the base and with each layer up, the shell should get smaller. Attach them with a hot glue gun and have fun layering your beach petals just the way you’d like. This would like beautiful on your Easter table or displayed in an entryway.


Happy crafting and happy Easter!

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