Event Planning Behind the Scenes

DATE: June 29, 2018

Our “dream team” wedding duo, Catering Sales Managers Ashley and Tracy, took a few minutes out of their busy event planning schedules to share trends, tips and their most memorable event moments. Ashley and Tracy have a wealth of wedding knowledge from their combined 20+ years’ experience. Enjoy!

Q: What’s your favorite type of event to plan and why?  

Tracy: I love weddings, mostly because it is such an important time in my clients’ lives and I cherish being able to share their day with them and bring their dream to life.

Ashley: Weddings, for sure! Seeing these elaborate plans come to life is the best.

Q: What’s the most creative theme you’ve ever seen?  

Tracy: I love when brides are not afraid to use color in their décor and florals.  Vibrant pops of bright color and jewel tones photograph so beautifully.

Ashley: Whimsical is always a really fun theme, and so different for everyone that it’s always unique.

Q: What’s a trend in event planning you wish would die?  

Tracy: Bounce castles at weddings. I am not thrilled about it, but I am always open to new things.

Q: Are there any fool-proof ways to make an event memorable (in a good way)?  

Ashley: I tell the couple to relax and stay calm. They should take in the whole day and not worry about the details since we’ll take care of those.

Q: Any tips on handling an unruly guest?

Tracy: I subtly remind them they are there to celebrate the new “Mr. & Mrs.” and their special day.  If this doesn’t do the trick I will enlist the help of a family member that can discreetly help handle the situation.

Q: Any event disasters that turned out to be a good thing? 

Tracy: I once worked with a bride who wanted the sun to set at her ceremony exactly at the moment they kissed. It turned out to be a cloudy day, but the cover made for amazing pictures. Afterward, she was thankful because she was present at the ceremony instead of anxiously watching the sky.

Ashley: Weather can always play a factor since it’s always changing. However, it usually makes for pretty photos and the ceremony always works out.

Q: What are some common mistakes you see people making and how do you fix them?

Tracy: Stressing over things completely out of their control.  There is so much emotion on a wedding day that even the smallest thing can feel like a disaster to a bride.  A planner needs to have a very positive, “every cloud has a silver lining” attitude to handle any disasters and reassure the couple.

Ashley: Stressing and trying to plan every detail from start to finish at the beginning of the planning phase is always a recipe for disaster.  I let the brides know that we have time and can revisit some of their ideas when we move closer to the date and that usually puts them at ease.

Q: What are your favorite new wedding traditions that you’re seeing?  

Tracy: I love the ever-changing food and beverage trends and traditions.  I love to cook and menu plan so when new and creative food comes to weddings I am very excited.

Ashley: Both parents walking the bride and/or groom down the aisle is a really nice touch.

Q: What was your biggest “I love this job” moment?  

Tracy: I have these moments all the time.  It is such a wonderful feeling any time a bride or a mom hugs me and thanks me for everything I do to help them make their day perfect.

Ashley: Receiving a thank you card after the wedding is always a great feeling, especially after all the work and emotion everyone puts in.

To start planning your event with Ashley or Tracy, email weddings@sundialresort.dev.onpressidium.com.

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