Five Summer Reads for Your Vacation

DATE: July 15, 2014

Sanibel Island doesn’t just have summer time, we have island time. When visitors come to Sanibel, they are often looking for an escape. While the rest of the world might be hustling and bustling, we are taking our time and enjoying the scenery. One of the best ways to relax on the island is to soak up the rays on the beach while reading a good book. Almost every book on our summers reads list is based in Florida. Some of them are even set in Sanibel! Sit back, relax, and check out our must-reads for this summer.

Sanibel Flats

Sanibel Flats – 1991

If you like action and mystery, then this book is for you. Randy White’s famous Doc Ford series begins with Sanibel Flats. Marion Ford left a life of danger to move to peaceful Sanibel Island. This all changed once his friend Rafe Hollins contacts him saying his son has gone missing. Ford then must choose between his calm life in Sanibel or helping his friend in need. This book is filled with twists you won’t expect and an ending you won’t believe.

Sick Puppy

Sick Puppy – 2001

Many book worms are familiar with the author Carl Hiaasen. He is sarcastic, witty, and his novels will make you think. Every book written by Hiaasen is written about some part of Florida. Sick Puppy begins with environmental terrorist Twilly Spree wanting to teach a lesson to a litter bug named Palmer Stoat. He ends up finding out that Stoat wants to take a wildlife sanctuary on Toad Island and make it into a tourist destination with sky high hotels. Twilly goes to great lengths to protect Toad Island from becoming another cookie cutter beach front and ends up on the adventure of a lifetime. Hiaasen makes you laugh one minute and question your morals the next. While any Carl Hiaasen book will draw you in, this novel will make you appreciate the natural beauty that Sanibel has to offer.

Sanibel Scribbles

Sanibel Scribbles – 2010

Christine Lemmon is known for writing novels about women who have yet to discover just how strong they are. Sanibel Scribbles was not originally meant for publication. Lemmon wrote it for friends and family, but luckily managed to get it published for all of us to read as well. The style of this book is very unique, since it did not go through an editor first. This novel is about a young woman named Vicki struggling to find where she belongs. She ends up going on a whirlwind journey to Spain for a semester. She overcomes many obstacles along the way that mold her into a stronger independent person. The people she meets in her travels show that we are influenced heavily by the people in our lives. It is a great story that makes the reader evaluate all they have gotten out of life and makes them want to get even more.

The Island Series-01

The Island Series – 2013

Kristen Hartmen has written 4 books and all of them are set on Sanibel Island. The series begins with The Three Sunrises. The novel is about two friends in their twenties going on a relaxing vacation. Their trip quickly changes when an undercover FBI agent and one of the girls’ brothers comes into the picture. Dealing with relationships and all the drama that comes with them, the girls trade in their care-free trip for so much more. Hartmen makes you feel like you are in the novel with her writing and you’ll be asking “what happens next?” after each novel.

Summer According to Humphrey – 2011

If you’re looking for a book for your children to read on the beach, check out the According to Humphrey novels by Betty Birney. Humphrey is a class hamster for room 26. In this novel, Humphrey is nervous because summer is here. He overhears that his owner Mrs. Brisbane is going to take him to Camp Happy Hollow, but does not know what to expect. This series is suitable for children ages 8-12. The series has 10 books and is filled with all kinds of adventure. Your child can have educational fun and enjoy the island around them.

The reading world is a very diverse and interesting place. You never know how a book will end and you usually learn a thing or two along the way.

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