Fun Ways to Stay Active at Sundial

DATE: August 9, 2016

Relaxation is second nature at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa. From the shell-strewn beaches and private pools to the spa and luxurious rooms, there’s no better place to slow down and revitalize your mind and body than our window into paradise. But for many, a vacation is about more than sitting still. Staying in shape is important even on vacation, which is why Sundial offers a range of activities to keep you fit while you enjoy everything our island has to offer. To help you choose the best activities for you, we’re including the average calories you can expect to burn for an hour of each.

Kayaks and Paddleboards (280-450 Calories/hour)
Take on a different role exploring Sanibel’s beaches and inlets by water instead of land. With complimentary kayak and paddleboard rentals available for all guests, Sundial makes getting out and exploring all of Sanibel easy and fun.Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 4.22.44 PM

Tennis (Singles 360-670 Calories/hour, Doubles 250-480 Cal/hour)

Sundial’s popular HydroGrid® clay tennis courts always make for a perfect way to spend an afternoon. Serve up an ace, practice your forehand, or simply pass the time hitting the ball back and forth with a friend. There’s no wrong way to enjoy an afternoon of tennis.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 4.23.25 PMVolleyball (200-300 Calories/hour)

Grab a group and hit the beach for some fun in the sun at Sundial’s volleyball net. Perfect for large groups or just a couple of friends and family, the sand volleyball courts open up a brand new way to enjoy the expansive beaches at Sundial.

Swimming (600-700 Calories/hour)
With 5 separate pools and the Gulf at your fingertips, the hardest part about swimming at Sundial is choosing where to do it. Practice your strokes in the lanes or simply spend the day enjoying the water at perfect temperatures.

Beach Yoga (170-300 Calories/hour)
Salute the abundant sunshine with a beach yoga class and revitalize both your mind and body along the white sand beaches. Complete with the sound of the resplendent ocean waves crashing in the background there’s never been a better way to do yoga than with Sundial. Grab a towel and strike a pose.

For a full list of activities at Sundial, click here.

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