Improve Your Pickleball Skills

DATE: February 10, 2020

Who said self-improvement had to be all meditation and reading? This year we’re looking to help improve some pickleball skills by having some good, old-fashioned fun on the court!

Here are our top tips to improve your game and we’ll see you out on the courts!

  1. To avoid stepping into the Non-Volley Zone (Kitchen), hit every ball above our waist out of the air, instead of letting it bounce.
  2. While serving, rotate your hips towards the opposite serving box to generate power.
  3. For almost every stroke, follow through towards the area in which you want the ball to travel.
  4. In doubles, communication is key, both during the match and before, in order to properly be in position with your partner.
  5. When hitting any stroke, always follow the ball with your eyes, including all the way into your paddle (don’t look ahead to the next shot until after you have finished the one you’re on).

Looking for a little extra hands-on help? Next month, we have 3 first timer’s clinics scheduled to take your game from good to great! Visit our website for more information on registering for your first First Timer’s Clinic. Also join us for open play, no matter what level you’re at.


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