Last Minute Costume Ideas: Beach Themed!

DATE: October 18, 2019

Still struggling to come up with the perfect Halloween costume that captures your love for dressing up with your love for all things beach-related? Have no fear! We’ve gathered our favorite beach-inspired looks from around the internet to help you get trick-or-treat ready just in time for the party!

Glowing Jellyfish

This costume has the benefit of being both impressive AND easy to assemble. You’ll just need an umbrella, glue gun, a few rolls of shimmery ribbon, a battery-operated twinkle light set and some shimmery fabric. Cut your ribbon into 2-3’ strips and tie or glue it to the underside of your umbrella. Wind your twinkle lights around the underside of the umbrella and secure the battery pack with a glue gun. Finish your masterpiece by covering the top of the umbrella with your shimmery fabric and securing the edges under the edge of the umbrella for a clean look. For your grand entrance, keep the lights off until you’re ready to wow!

diy jellyfish costume

Jellyfish Costume Inspiration

She Sells Sea Shells by the Sea Shore

Bring the beachy tongue twister to life with this costume! It’s the perfect way to show off some of your shell collection and easy to put together. You’ll need a trench coat (check your local thrift store), a glue gun, 2 dozen shells and a fun beach outfit. Line up your shells how you’d like them to be laid out in the coat and then start gluing. You can add prices to them for that extra detail. This costume has a fun reveal and you’ll enjoy showing new guests your great shell collection all night long!

she sells sea shells costume diy

She Sells Sea Shells Inspiration

Palm Tree

Want a simple costume that only requires basic cutting skills? This is the costume for you! You’ll just need green construction paper, a glue gun and a headband. Find a palm leaf shape you like and begin tracing it onto the construction paper. Cut out 6-8 leaves and lay them out, stems together, in a pattern you like. Once you’ve settled on a pattern, glue your leaves to your headband one layer at a time. Find a brown dress or brown shirt and pants from your closet and put on your headband, you’re ready for the party!

diy palm tree costume

Palm Tree Inspiration

Ice Cream Sundae

It may not be of the beach but ice cream sundaes certainly go hand-in-hand with great beach memories! You’ll need a white t-shirt, colored popsicle sticks, glue gun, headband, balloon and pipe cleaner. On your white t-shirt, lay out your colored popsicle sticks in a fun pattern along the upper chest and shoulder area. Once you’re happy with your pattern, start gluing them on. For your cherry-on-top topper, inflate your balloon and tie it off, twist your pipe cleaner around the knotted end so it sticks up. Attach the balloon to the headband using foam double-stick tape. Grab a khaki skirt or pants from your closet to act as the cone and you’re all set!

diy ice cream costume

Ice Cream Inspiration


Junonia Baby Costume

Want to dress your little one up as the most treasured find across the island? We have a soft swaddling solution that will help you achieve the treasured Junonia look. Just find yourself a giraffe printed swaddling blanket or a white/cream one that you can color on with baby-safe markers. The giraffe print is a great match to the brown spots of a Junonia and once your baby is swaddled up tight, they’ll look just like this much-celebrated shell (while still being cozy)!

Giraffe Blanket

Junonia Photo

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