Memorial Day Weekend 2013: Kicking Off Summer at Sundial

DATE: May 29, 2013

June 21st may technically be the first day of season but everyone knows summer really begins Memorial Day weekend! With the big weekend just a few days away, I’ve been busy making plans for the family.

Top on our list is Saturday at Sundial. We haven’t been for a couple weeks and the kids have been nagging me (there’s a reverse – the kids nagging the mom!) to go back over since the first BBQ Blowout we attended when they discovered the Log Roll! My husband and I, while we appreciate the entertainment factor of watching our children’s attempts at the pool game, are more looking forward to seeing all of the finished renovations and indulging in quintessential holiday weekend fare. What will make it even more of a treat will be the presence of my mother!

With grandma in town, Josh and I will be able to enjoy not just the BBQ Blowout but also Happy Hour! We’ve been talking about it all week and still can’t decide if we should do the earlier one at Turtles Tiki Bar (3:00 – 5:00) or wait a bit and do the 5:00 – 7:00 Happy Hour so we can try one of the new restaurants, Sea Breeze. Maybe we’ll do both! It’s Memorial Day weekend after all.

Sunday is definitely going to be an all day family day at the beach. Luckily the whole weekend looks like it is going to be perfect outdoor weather too. After another day in the sun, we figure the kids will be exhausted so we hired a sitter and my husband and I are treating my mother to a nice dinner at Waterview (the other new restaurant at Sundial) as a thank you for coming and helping with the kids so we could act like them (at least a little bit). Plus, we’ll all be able to see the results of the renovation first hand and get a taste of the new menu.

If I’m not totally wiped out by Monday, I’m going to do the 5k Memorial Day Run on the Green, over the bridge in Ft. Myers. It starts early so I figure by the time I’m finished we can all go to brunch and let the day take us from there. You can’t schedule every minute! By that point it will officially be summer, remember?

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