Moo the Stuffed Animal Thoroughly Enjoyed His Stay at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa

DATE: July 10, 2015

It was a desperate time: the realization that Moo was gone. Lost! Perhaps on a ship to Bombay! Lost at sea! Stranded! Kidnapped! Egad! What shall we do? What can we do?

The possibilities were endless – and all of them bad, bad, bad! In fact, poor Cecelia couldn’t sleep at night without her beloved and constant companion, her stuffed pet Moo.

Little Girl Loses Moo During Fun Vacation

The situation was almost understandable. Cecelia and her family spent their vacation at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa on Sanibel Island along Florida’s Gulf Coast at the Gulf of Mexico.

They had loads of fun – everything a happy little girl could do; these were times to make memories. And Moo. He was constantly at Cecelia’s side – except for those excursions into the swimming pool or the waters of the Gulf. That’s only because Moo doesn’t like the water.

But besides those times (and maybe others), Moo and Cecelia were inseparable. Until … they … arrived … at home! That’s when the discovery was made. All hands on deck. MOO IS GONE! Nowhere to be found. What shall we do? Alert the Coast Guard? Call the FBI? Hold press conferences?

It was just enough to contain widespread panic. But after two restless nights, Cecelia’s mother, Michelle Lawther, called Sundial Beach Resort & Spa, per chance to find sad Moo. And the response? Sundial Beach Resort & Spa crews – led by Super Security Sam – instantly dispatched search crews, exploring every nook and cranny, even breaking into Lost and Found.

The story of Moo

Moo is Rescued!

And ah! Tears of joy were shed. Wide-eyed Moo was found. But this true story of Sundial Beach Resort & Spa heroes bravely leaping into action, trying to reunite a beloved pet with a broken-hearted little girl, doesn’t end here. For the time poor Moo was separated from his human, the searchers led him on a fun-filled expedition of Sundial Beach Resort & Spa, taking pictures of Moo having the time of his life. He was caught on camera playing table tennis, riding in a bicycle (sort of, Moo can’t balance) and lying around on top of the ice cream shop sign (which shows a cow). Director of Services Julio Morales had donned his cape and secret-identity mask for this whirlwind feat of daring.

Then Moo was sent home – for the grand reunion with his grieving humans. “Thank you so much for all your help. Moo is home. Cecelia is so happy,” said mommy Michelle, no longer grief-stricken. And they all lived happily ever after.

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