Mother’s Day Shell Crafts

DATE: May 10, 2019

What do you get for one of the most important people in your life? Why not skip the mall and make mom something instead? Gather up your favorite shells from your last family vacation and put them to great use, making something special for Mother’s Day. We’ve pulled together a few of our favorite crafts to help get you inspired!

shell mobile diy craft


Shell Mobile

There are SO many ways to put together a shell mobile, ranging from super simple to advanced crafting. However, the basics are the same across the board. You’ll need a handful of medium-large shells, fishing line, a frame to hang the shells from (this could be anything from a decorative hoop to an old wooden picture frame with the back popped off to a large sea star that you could attach the shells to), and a way to hang your mobile once it’s complete. Attach your shells to the fishing line (either by knotting, gluing or drilling holes) and then arrange them around your frame until you are pleased with the final look. Find the perfect spot to hang and then make sure to set it up before mom wakes up on Sunday!

shell decorated mirror DIY


Shell Mirror

This gorgeous shell mirror is a great DIY project that gives a huge impact for limited work time. You’ll need a mirror (recently wiped clean), glue gun, shells in assorted sizes and a way to hang the mirror. Once you have your supplies, begin arranging your shells on your mirror. Try arranging them around the edges of the mirror, grouped together at the side or bottom or even just scattered all over. Decide which design you like best and then start gluing your shells in place! Once you’re finished, figure out where you want to hang it and have your hanging tools ready so it can go up right away once mom opens it.

mixed media shell art mermaid diy


Shell Art

For the more artistically inclined, creating your own art, using shells as a medium, can be a fun project to take on! You’ll need a canvas (this can be an actual canvas, a piece of wood, cardboard, anything that can be your surface to create on), paint, glue, small shells and an inspiration image. Take your inspiration image and use it to stencil out your basic design. When picking your inspiration image, remember to think about what mom likes! Once you’ve stenciled out your image, decide which parts you want to paint and which you want to fill in with shells. For the shell sections, lay out your shells first to figure out your pattern before beginning to glue them down. Feel free to embellish with glitter, beads or other craft favorites as you see fit!


And remember, if you’re running low on shells, we’re always happy to have you for a visit at Sundial for some sun, swim and shelling!



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