Let’s Play “Name That Shell”

DATE: January 8, 2015

Name That Shell (1)Sanibel Islands is located on the Gulf coast of Southwest Florida where the water is warm and the shores are rich with seashells. “Name That Shell” was created to recognize the 250 individual species of seashells that can be found along the island’s infamous shell sprinkled shores.

Sundial’s “Name That Shell” trivia posts are a way for seashells lovers, islanders and vacationers to learn the names of shell species they will find strolling Sanibel’s beaches.

shell_Alphabet Cones

When to Play

“Name That Shell” has previously been posted to FacebookTwitterInstagramGoogle+ and Pinterest every Tuesday; however, with its growing popularity among social media followers, “Name That Shell” trivia photos will now be posted on Thursdays to get locals and resort vacationers excited for the upcoming weekend and next vacation to Sundial Beach Resort & Spa on Sanibel Island.

shell_Banded Tulip( 2)

How to Play

“Name That Shell” is a trivia game for beach-goers and seashells collectors of all ages. Find out how you can play by following the directions below.

  1. Visit our social media sites located on FacebookTwitterInstagramGoogle+ and Pinterest every Thursday.
  2. Look for the “Name That Shell” photo.
  3. To help you guess the name of the shell, look for a riddle provided in the photo’s caption.
  4. To submit the name, leave it as a comment or if you do not know the name of the shell, we invite you to ‘Like,’ ‘Favorite’ or ‘Repost’ our post.


Share Your Own Photos

We also encourage you to tag us in your own seashells photos @SundialResort. You can also look back at past “Name That Shell” trivia posts by visiting our “Name That Shell” Pinterest Board.

shell_Spiny Jewel Box

Go Shelling at Sundial

Go shelling at Sundial and collect all 250 seashells species by doing the “Sanibel Stoop,” a local term coined after the action performed when bending down to “stoop” up a shell off of the beach. Start planning your stay at Sundial Beach Resort and Spa by makingreservations online or calling (239) 437-1660.

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