Pickleball Tips and Pickleball Events

DATE: March 16, 2022

Spring is closing in and here at Sundial and we can’t wait for all the Pickleball events we have planned now through summer. We wanted to help you prepare for all the programs that are coming up so we asked our resident professionals for pickleball tips to pass on to you and help you improve your game in time for these upcoming events.

sundial josh jeffcott pickleball manager with campers sundial it up sanibel

Josh Jeffcott, Racquet Sports Manager, says it’s best to find yourself at the kitchen line (non-volley zone) for 80% of the game. This way, you can maximize the angles of your return. What’s the point of maximizing the angles? He says being able to return the ball near your opponent’s feet will put them in the hardest position to defend. Josh adds that you should also keep a soft grip pressure when holding your paddle.

pickleball pro peter redpath with campers sundial sanibelPeter Redpath, certified IPTPA Pickleball Professional, suggests learning to understand the intentions of a return to improve shot consistency and focus. There is a purpose to every shot. What type of disadvantages do you wish to impose on your opponent through your next move? Do you wish to set up a particular return for yourself based on what you force them to do through a particular shot? All these things can be thought about, honed, and employed. Though it will take some practice, you can do it!


pickleball pro hollywood with camper sanibel sundialJeff Hossler, certified pro also known as “Hollywood”, stresses mirroring your partner’s position and moving with them. This requires both of you to be in communication and coordination and will improve as your partner chemistry improves. When in doubt, just remember to stick with your partner!


Are you ready to try out these pickleball tips and up your game? There’s no shortage of opportunities to do that. We have 3 upcoming ‘SUNDIAL IT UP’ Pickleball Camps (March, June and July). Also, we have our Cinco De Mayo Tournament and Level Up Pickleball Camp in May. We hope you’ll join us for these events to connect with other pickleball enthusiasts, learn from the pros and show off your skills on the court!

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