Shell Crafts for Kids and Families

DATE: April 10, 2020

Looking for crafts and DIY projects? Look no further. We’ve pulled together several shell-related activities for you and your family to do at home! All you need are your favorite shells and a little creativity.

shell craft mason jar

Pic Beachcomber

Seashell Mason Jars

There are several ways to make your mason jar a lovely household decoration with this DIY seashell project. To start, you’ll need a mason jar (or any glass jar) and a handful of shells. Simply place your shells inside the jar and then arrange them to your liking. You can also color the seashells and attach them to the outside of the jar using a glue gun. And there you have it, a beautiful decoration for your home.

salt dough fossils shells sanibel

Pic Theimaginationtree

Salt Dough Shell Fossils

This is a great hands-on activity to teach kids about fossils. To make these keepsakes, all you need is a little salt dough and some shells. Using a wide variety of shells will give you a fun collection of different imprints you can display.

seashell paper doll craft

Pic Let’s Do Something Crafty

Seashell People

This artistic use of seashells is a perfect craft for kids to do at home. You’ll need shells, popsicle sticks, string for hair, tape, strong glue, and coloring materials. If you don’t have popsicle sticks, you can use paper or cardboard to make cut-out friends. Different shell sizes can be used as skirts, tops, and shoes. Feel free to get creative with what you have at home!

turtle craft shells and paint

Pic EasyPeasyandFun

Sea Turtle Shell Craft

This is a fun and creative way to teach kids about sea creatures. For this sea turtle shell craft, you’ll need seashells, construction paper, googly eyes, glue, paint, scissors and a paintbrush.

For the turtle’s body, stencil out your design. Once you have the body of the turtle, you’ll want to paint the shell and attach it to the construction paper using glue. Attach your googly eyes and have fun decorating the shell with whatever barnacles inspire you. Get creative, your turtle doesn’t have to be green. Feel free to add additional materials as you see fit!






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