Shell Crafts: Gift a Piece of Sanibel this Holiday

DATE: December 15, 2017

Anyone who has visited Sanibel knows this to be true: there are a lot of shells! But what do you do with all the shells you’ve collected once you get home? How about crafting them into fun and festive holiday décor and gifts to share with your family and friends? We’ve collected a few ideas that we hope you will enjoy this holiday season.

martha stewart shell crafts

Basic Shell Ornament

This is the simplest of them all. Find a shell you think is pretty from your collection and hot glue it to a piece of looped ribbon or an ornament hook.

sea shell candles

Sea Shell Votives

Turn your found shells into nautical tea lights with this simple craft. All you’ll need is a medium sized bivalve shell (i.e. clam, cockle, oyster, etc.) and a regular tea light candle. Pop the tea light out of the tin, remove the wick and place the wax back in its holder. Place your wickless candle on a candle warmer and melt down the wax. Once completely melted, place your wick upright in your shell of choice and pour in wax around it.

mason jar centerpiece

Shell and Fairy Light Centerpiece

Make this whimsical and wintery luminary piece the star of your table. Gather a mason jar, a battery powered LED light string, an assortment of your favorite shells and a few small, round ornaments. Put your lights in first then mix in your ornaments and shells until you are happy with the look and balance of your new luminary.


For more great shell craft ideas, visit our Pinterest board DIY Shell Crafts.

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