Shelling Finds at Sundial

DATE: February 28, 2019

Shelling is one of those activities that has almost no age limit and can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. We’ve had some particularly good shelling this winter and wanted to share our favorite finds. If you’re looking to learn more about shelling and what you can find on our beaches, sign up for a Discover Shelling class with Sanibel Sea School during your next visit!

scallops shelling sanibel


Scallops may be a common find but their seemingly endless color variations and different local species always make them a fun discovery.

alphabet cone shelling sanibel

Alphabet Cone

The Alphabet Cone is one of the most gorgeous shells you can find on Sanibel Island and the most treasured of the Sanibel Six, the group of shells you can expect to find during a week’s vacation. They typically range in size from 1-3 inches and you are most likely to find them washed up at the beach after a storm.

horse conch post hurricane irma shelling sanibel

Horse Conch

The biggest shell to be found on Sanibel Island is the Horse Conch, which can grow to be as big as 2 feet! In addition, the Horse Conch is also Florida’s state shell. Just make sure to check your conch before you add it to your bag to make sure it isn’t still inhabited! This particular specimen was found the day after Hurricane Irma blew through.

angel wings shells sanibel

Angel Wings

Angel Wings can be difficult to find completely intact due to their delicate structure. It is very unusual to find an Angel Wing with both sides still together and connected. If you do find one, consider yourself blessed!

banded tulip true tulip sanibel shelling

Banded and True Tulips

The Banded Tulip is another member of the Sanibel Six and the True Tulip is its more elusive cousin. Tulips belong to the conch family and are most often found during the winter months. Keep your eyes peeled for a mostly yellow banded tulip, this is considered a great find!

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