Shelling is Always in Season at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa

DATE: October 8, 2015

Exploring the wet, sandy beaches along the Sunshine State’s Gulf Coast – as the sun broadcasts its bright charm across the blue horizon – is an experience that requires a special type of scrutiny.

Discovering the splendor of shelling is the requisite recreation, the artistry that can only be had here along the sandy shore at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa.

The proud purples; the clever reds; the mischievous oranges; the brazen whites; the broad, wise blacks. The wild and complicated mix of shapes, round, serene, joyful and expressing some mystical liberty.

Shelling is Always in Season at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa

This is treasure hunting Sanibel-style: discovering that collection of intricate gifts from the sea. The little horse conch, the banded tulip and the murex. The sharks eye shell, the gnarled driftwood and the large bright sponges. The spiny sea urchins, the leggy sea whips and the spotted calico crabs. It’s all there – as the waves lap coyly, playing their subtle music.

The sudden life of the sheller moves slowly and studiously across these beaches, finding amazement at every step, doing the old-fashioned Sanibel stoop. The bold blue from above, marked with the glaring white of clouds, looks down and casts special rays off the brilliant ones as if to say: “Behold, the beautiful one!”

This is one of life’s special adventures that bring us back to glory of simple living.

Shelling is Always in Season at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa

Come to Sundial Beach Resort & Spa to discover Florida’s finest and most fabulous expressions of living. Sanibel Island is the premier shelling beach in the world thanks to its unique east-west orientation that serves as a sort of monumental scoop gathering shells. Marvel at nature’s bounty but remember, live shelling is prohibited, so please gently return living creatures to their home.

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