Why Not Do Summer in Sanibel?

DATE: May 26, 2015

It’s that time of year again for summer vacations! This year, why not pack up the family and head to Sanibel Island, one of the best family-friendly travel destinations. FamilyFun Magazine asked 2,000 families to name their favorite getaway spots and as you’ll see in the video below, Sanibel Island topped the list!

A Florida Island Town Like No Other

Sanibel Island is a town of beauty, charm, nature, and unique adventures… and no one knows this better than our employees here at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa! Here’s a glimpse into why we think Sanibel is such a desirable destination. BEST_82_

Stephanie from the Front Office loves going to the beach with her young daughter. You never know what new types of shells or wildlife you will find along the beach!

BEST (79)

“Sanibel is a nature-lover’s dream.  Every day I see something new and exciting.” —  Donna,  Sales & Marketing Coordinator 


“Traveling by boat is the best way to see Sanibel’s natural beauty. This photo was taken on a boat rental from Port Sanibel Marina. The lighthouse is probably the most iconic sight for guests to visit on the island. It shows the careful thought and planning that is taken on Sanibel to preserve nature. Even though it is a man-made structure, it fits in seamlessly with the lush greenery, further complementing the island’s natural charm. If you’re looking for the best views of Sanibel, you can’t beat traveling by boat!”  — Emily, Owner Services Coordinator


“Rarely do we get storms on the Island, but when we do, the dark sky can light up the water to create an incredible scene. Such a beautiful sight to appreciate in addition to our famous sunsets.”  — Tiffany, Human Resources Coordinator

BEST (84)
“Nothing like going over the bridge to paradise every morning and having this view!” — Julio, Director of Services

BEST (80)

“There is a gentlemen that has been building amazing objects on the beach using only sand, seashells and other found items.  They are amazing and I do not think anyone knows who this phantom builder is!” —  Kevin, Director of Activities

Plan Your Getaway!

There is something for everyone at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa. In fact, we were voted best full-service resort two years in a row in the annual Best of the Islands awards. Be sure to check out our summer vacation packages so that you can plan your perfect getaway!

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