Sundial and Sanibel Vacation Tips from the Pros

DATE: August 30, 2019

We’re thrilled a number of great travel bloggers and influencers have chosen to vacation at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa this year. We thought the best way to share their experiences might be to compile a list of their top Sundial and Sanibel vacation tips! We hope these help you plan your next great getaway:

  1. Bring your appetite.
    • Sundial offers an array of delightful dining experiences, from sushi and steak at Shima to fresh island favorites at Sea Breeze Café. According to The Mommynichols blog, the Shima Japanese Steakhouse was an “experience for the entire family.” She also mentions Turtle’s Pool & Beach Bar, Sea Breeze, and The Kay Casperson Spa as top places to visit at Sundial.
  2. Bring your family.
    • Sundial Beach Resort & Spa is a family-oriented adventure. The amenities are perfect for “guests of every age,” according to The Mommynichols blog. Whether your family is active or more relaxed, Sundial offers activities guaranteed to fit your lifestyle.
  3. Bring your camera.
    • Ana of Ana’s World, a lifestyle and travel blogger, praises the scenic views of the resort. The resort grounds offer luscious greenery, and the lobby instantly welcomes guests with a “magnificent staircase… that leads to the spa.” When it comes to the best views for photo taking, Ana suggests visiting Sea Breeze Cafe, which boasts gorgeous Gulf views! Sundial lets you unleash your inner photographer.
  4. Bring your wedding guests.
    • Matt Steeves, a photographer featured in The New York Times and Martha Stewart Weddings, created a beautiful portfolio of wedding photos taken at an event this past spring. The blushing bride’s flowing gown popped in front of the emerald green trees. Her bridesmaids matched in silver and light blue dresses, which contrasted beautifully against the bright green grass. Completing the portfolio with photos on the seashell beachfront and a glowing reception, it’s evident that Sundial is the ideal destination for making lasting memories.
  5. Bring your bucket.
    • At Sanibel, the beachfront is filled with stunning seashells. The Travel Mamas blog encourages guests to get beach bags ready and collect as many pretty shells as possible. Collecting shells is one of the many fun activities to do while staying on Sanibel Island. In fact, our endless supply of shells is what we are best known for!
  6. Bring your curiosity.
    • The Travel Mamas blog boasts about the fun activities in Sanibel. When gentle rains pass through Sanibel, learning about marine life at the Sanibel Sea School’s indoor location is one of the best ways to still explore the island!
  7. Bring your activewear.
    •, featured in The Huffington Post, loves that the “use of bicycles, kayaks, paddleboards and beach chairs, plus access to tennis courts, five swimming pools and WiFi” is included in the resort stay. She says access to active gear kept her excited boys entertained while exploring the island’s sights.

As several of our visiting influencers have noted, Sundial Beach Resort & Spa is perfect for anyone, regardless of age. Start planning your very own Sundial adventure today!

Header Photo by The Mommynichols Blog.

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