Sundial Beach Resort & Spa: Your Wedding Destination

DATE: October 28, 2015

As if by the movement of some wonderful mist, love enters the atmosphere; strange sparks take flight and two hearts come together. Romance has a way of singing that sweet song of passion and joy, of peace and wholeness.

Planning your wedding involves some deep thinking. You want to find that perfect place, the perfect setting; you want all the elements to join together to create the time of your life – the moments when the two of you become one couple.

We at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa understand your heart. We know how important location is to making your wedding a truly dreamy experience. Determining that ideal place isn’t a matter of placing your finger randomly on a map and saying: “Here we go. This is the place.”

Sundial Beach Resort & Spa, sitting serenely on the Sunshine State’s southwestern edge against the gently lapping waters of the Gulf of Mexico, presents matrimonial paradise; this is where beauty can be found. This is tropical elegance. This is where you’ll discover your moments.

Hold Your Wedding at Sundial

Let Your Imagination Run Wild at Sundial

Only your imagination can limit your wedding dreams at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa; you draw the picture: An intimate ceremony on the beach? How about holding an elegant ballroom reception in grand fashion? Mix the splendor of it all with a magnificent dinner for family and friends. Our experienced wedding planning teams – artists and experts all – can help make that dream blossom into rosy reality.

There’s more. So much more at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa. A “day of” wedding coordinator is included in our wedding packages. No hassle. No stress. Your bridal needs will be met to allow you to relax, enjoy and embrace the wonders of your wedding day.

Sundial Beach Resort & Spa offers a wide and delicious selection of food and drink choices to celebrate your wedding in style, with flair and so fashionably. All of it prepared by our in-house executive chef and served by our seasoned catering staff. Brides may also customize their own wedding packages to fit their own desires.

You name the setting. You paint the picture. You want to hold your wedding outside? Or indoors? Sundial Beach Resort & Spa presents the most expansive selection of event space on Sanibel Island. Enchanted lawns. Tropical beaches. How about a formal event, royal and grand, inside our ballroom or any one of our nine meeting spaces?

You can entertain up to 300 guests with Sundial Beach Resort & Spa’s 12,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor event facilities. We specialize in making wedding dreams come true. We are your wedding destination.

For information, call Tiffany Onischuk at 239-395-6009.

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