Sundial Behind-the-Scenes

DATE: May 23, 2022

Last week, the Sundial team came together for a new photoshoot to show off the resort. With the help of a professional team, including a director, photographer, and videographer, we spent the week capturing the best that Sundial has to offer. We can’t wait to share the final photos with all of you, but we hope you’ll enjoy some of these behind-the-scenes moments.

sundial behind-the-scenes photoshoot family on beach

Day 1: Family Fun

On the first day, we got to work with a wonderful local family to capture some of the activities and amenities that families can enjoy around the resort, including shelling, playing on the beach, and dining at Shima.

family on the beach photoshoot family at shima sundial fire hibachi

sundial pickleball photoshoot sanibel

Day 2: Court Play and Events

Day two started on the pickleball and tennis courts and tennis courts, where our models showed off their skills. After hitting the courts, it was time for a trip to Turtle’s Tiki Bar for some much-needed lunch. In the afternoon, Sundial staff gathered for a fun reception on the terrace and Lace Murex lawn to show off Sundial’s event spaces.

tiki bar sanibel couple with drinks sundial event reception venue outdoor sanibel

Day 3: Jump, Splash, and Ride

On the final day of the shoot, we hit the beach, the water, and the bike trails! Our models jumped for joy, paddled the Gulf, and took out a few of Sundial’s brand-new complimentary bikes to explore the Sanibel Island trails.

sundial paddleboarding rental complimentary sanibel sundial bike rental sanibel island bike trails

We had a blast zooming all over the resort and the island to capture our favorite parts of a Sundial vacation. We are so excited to share the final photos with all over you over the next weeks and month

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