Sundial Resort Server Danzel Garriques – Serving with Flair

DATE: November 8, 2013

I was at Sundial Resort a couple of weekends ago and I caught one of my favorite Sundial Resort Servers being filmed. His name is Danzel Garriques and he was being filmed because of his unique style of serving drinks: ON HIS HEAD!

Danzel first started at Sundial over the summer. As soon as my kids got a look at his balancing act, they were enamored. Obviously this lead to numerous questions about how he did it,when it started,where his accent is from and so on.

I will save you from having to read the list of crazy questions my children have posed to Danzel and give you an overall summary of their inquisition.

We found out that day that Danzel was raised in Jamaica and had been working at different resorts for almost 10 years. He told us that he had pretty much worked in every department (e.g: Housekeeping, Bar, Dining Room and Kitchen) but his favorite place to work was out in front of all of the guests, where he had an opportunity to interact and entertain.

The story behind the hands-free technique is not nearly as exciting as watching him in action. According to Danzel, it was the way he would have a little fun at work. It all started back when he was a child living with his family in Jamaica where it is actually quite common to see friends and family coming up and down the road with buckets of water, baskets of fresh fruit and all types of other products perfectly balanced on top their heads,  and he’s been doing it ever since!

The most impressive thing about this young man is not his tray skills but his attitude. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him with out a smile on his face once. His positivity and genuine spirit always bring a smile to my face.

So you can get a glimpse of the man in action, here’s the video they were shooting that day at Sundial:

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