Sundial Staff 2021 Resolutions

DATE: December 17, 2020

As we reflect on the year we’ve had and look forward to 2021, we wanted to find out what some of our Sundial team were looking forward to in the year to come. From more time with family to spending more time outdoors, we’re excited for everyone’s 2021 resolutions!Brad, Court Sports Manager sundial sanibel pickleball

Brad, Court Sports Manager

Usually in our free time, my girlfriend and I watch movies, play video games, or do something involving screen time. However, we recently inherited my late grandfather’s record (vinyl) music player. We have made it a point to play one full album every day. We are now trying to sit back (usually with wine) and just talk while a whole album plays with no stimulating technology.
In 2021, we going to try to continue this new nightly tradition.

Frank, Safety Manager sundial sanibel

Frank, Safety Manager

Play more golf!

becky general manager sundial sanibel christmas

Becky, GM

Play more pickleball!

Tracy, Director of Sales & Catering sundial sanibel

Tracy, Director of Sales & Catering

I want to have a family dinner at least once a week, despite work and college schedules.

Kristin, Controller sundial sanibel

Kristin, Controller

I want to make and take more time for myself and my family. I also would like to remember the reason I moved to Southwest Florida and go to the beach instead of just driving past it on my way to work!

Lavender, Catering Sales Manager sundial sanibel

Lavender, Catering Sales Manager

Find a junonia!


Happy New Year!


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