SWFL Clay Court Championships 2018

DATE: October 3, 2018

It was a great weekend to be on the courts. This past weekend, Sundial had the pleasure of hosting the 2018 SWFL Clay Court Championships. The event saw a great turn out – over 100 competitors – and the weather was just perfect. 

swfl championships tennis mens singles

Men’s open singles

Winner – Alex Bose

Finalist – Daniel Thornton

Consolation winner – Solomon Cadogan

Men’s 40’s singles

Winner – Tim Videnka

Finalist – Kevin Chow

Consolation winner- Greg Bukowski

Men’s 50’s singles

Champion – John Jerome

Finalist – Phil Mihm

Consolation winner – Ira Berday

Men’s 3.0 level

Champion – Tyler Schwefringhaus

Finalist – Tony Allevato

Men’s 3.5 level

Champion- Scott Gardner

Finalist – Alexander Osipenko

Consolation winner – Blaine Duncan

swfl championships tennis womens singles

Women’s open singles

Champion – Rachel Weaver

Finalist – Jennifer Myers

Women’s 3.5 level

Champion – Carol Gardner

Finalist – Lily Simeon

Consolation winner – Janey Cahill

Men’s Open Doubles

Champions – Alex Bose/Daniel Thornton

Finalists – Phil Mihm/Tim Videnka

Men’s 50’s Doubles

Champions – John Jerome/Tom Fisher

Finalists – Jim Katterfield/Toni Halski

Consolation winner – Craig Holliday/Rich Williams

Men’s 3.5 doubles level

Champions – Doug Varner/Jeff Winterstein

Finalists – Scott and Tyler Schwefringhaus

swfl championships tennis womens doubles

Women’s 40’s doubles

Champions – Elaine Capps/Sandy Miller

Finalists – Sheila Brown/Jennifer Myers

Women’s 50’s doubles

Champions – Staci Delanois/Julie Reding

Finalists – Cyndi Sabbatino/Lori Emmons

Women’s 4.0 doubles level

Champions – Gwen Berestecki/Tina Willard

Finalists – Lisa Cochrane/Mary Oneil

Consolation winner – Barbara Chappell/Susie Holly

Mixed Open Doubles

Champions – Alex Bose/Jennifer Myers

Finalists – Jose Camacho/Rachel Weaver

Mixed 50’s doubles

Champions – Jim and Janey Cahill

Finalists – Tim Daly/Catherine Barton

Mixed 4.0 doubles level

Champions – Daniel Thornton/Sheila Brown

Finalists – Scott and Carol Gardner

Consolation winner – Nolan Hoff/Shelby Sichender

Mixed 3.5 doubles level

Champions – Alberto delValle/Tami Ram

Finalists – Rudy Simeon/Lily Simeon

And thank you, Steve, for your kind words. We’re so glad you enjoyed your visit with us and can’t wait to have you back next year to play!

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