Tahitian-Style Summer Weddings

DATE: May 13, 2015

Sanibel Island’s tropical environment and laid-back atmosphere are just a couple of reasons why it is a prime destination for couples looking to have a Tahitian-style beach wedding.


Say “I do” at Sundial

From coastal blues to tropical earth tones, Tahitian-style decor compliments Sundial Beach Resort & Spa’s serene island setting, especially its indoor and outdoor wedding venue options. Sundial brides can say “I do” in the sand, and then, enjoy a coastal celebration overlooking the Gulf of Mexico in the resort’s lush island gardens beneath towering palm trees.


Style Tips for Décor

There are no limitations when creating a Tahitian-style celebration that is all your own.  From floral arrangements to centerpieces, add some pizzazz to your outdoor reception space using tropical prints, local fruits and centerpieces infused with bold colors found in the Gulf-front gardens.

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Style Tips for Brides

From flowers to fashion, Tahitian-themed weddings boast a style that is natural and romantic. Need help achieving a Tahitian-style wedding? Let’s look at the bride, photographed below. The bride’s dress is flowy and light, which is ideal for the warm summertime weather. Her hair is pinned in a simple, yet, elegant up-do, and her makeup is naturally painted on. She’s carrying a boutique that looks freshly-picked and bundled. Overall, this Tahitian-style look is perfect for casual brides and relaxed weddings.


Our Bridal Beauty Experts

You can achieve this Tahitian-style look easily with the help of the salon and spa professionals from the Kay Casperson Lifestyle Spa & Boutique, located at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa. Beyond spa and salon services, Sundial Beach Resort & Spa offers a slew of extensive amenities and services to brides, grooms and their bridal parties.

For more information about spa and salon services for weddings, please contact Nicole Roncaglione at Nicole@kaycasperson.com. For information on having your wedding at Sundial or planning a special event, please contact Alicia Wenturine at 239-395-6009 or via email at Alicia.Wenturine@SundialResort.com.

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