Tips To Enjoy International Sushi Day

DATE: June 13, 2016

With International Sushi Day set for June 18, Sundial Beach Resort & Spa invites you to a night at Shima Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar. Take advantage of our spectacular sushi selections.

We offer you a few tips meant to bring out the best flavors in your sushi choices and enhance your sushi experience:

  1. Forget the Chopsticks – If your dexterity isn’t all that it should be, don’t let chopsticks frustrate you. It is perfectly acceptable to get in there with your fingers. Just stick to your own plate.
  2. Dip the Fish Side – Honestly, dipping the rice seems more natural. It soaks up all the yummy soy sauce. But that’s the problem. It does too good of a job, and excess soy can overpower the other flavors. Too much soy and you won’t taste the fish or the delicate rice vinegar of the sushi rice.
  3. Fish Side First – The fish should touch your tongue first. Layers are important in flavoring. How flavors hit your tongue changes the taste experience. Give it a try and you’ll taste the difference.
  4. Hold the Ginger – The pickled ginger you get on the side is meant as a palate cleanser between sushi bites. If added to the sushi, the intense flavor overpowers what you’re supposed to taste.
  5. Leave the Wasabi Out of the Soy – Probably the most controversial sushi issue out there. Mixing wasabi and soy to make a slurry is loved by some, reviled by others. Traditionally, the combination of the two should be made to each piece of sushi, again to enjoy the layering of flavors.

Couple with wine and plates of sushi.

When it comes down to it, how you eat your sushi is a personal choice. What’s important is that you enjoy the experience. Use these tips to vary your sushi knowledge and give other methods of eating this delicacy a try.

Come celebrate International Sushi Day at Shima, the only Japanese steakhouse and sushi bar on the Southwest Florida beaches. For information about Shima at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa contact us today.

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