Top 5 Summer Beach Wedding Trends

DATE: June 7, 2016

Beach wedding trends evolve like the shoreline itself. What was popular one year is gone the next.

The 2016 summer beach wedding season comes with a few time-honored favorites along with a few cute new looks.

  • Seashell Bouquet – Always a popular item, the seashell bouquet fits right in with a beach wedding, though single ladies may want to be careful during the bouquet toss. What better place to gather the shells for seashell bouquet than on the world famous, shell-strewn Sanibel Island beaches. Thanks to currents in the Gulf of Mexico, Sanibel gets some of the most exquisite examples of sea shells.

Seashel bridal bouquet on the beach.

  • Sand Castles – Use the beach as more than a backdrop. Incorporate sand castles into the wedding décor. Whether it’s a few accent pieces or large, intricate creations, sand castles are a fun way to celebrate a wedding.
  • Beach Towel Guest Favors – Instead of a shot glass or some other knick-knack which will find its way to the back of the closet, give wedding guests a big fluffy beach towel. They are already at the beach, so it’s practical, and a towel will get years of use, making it a memorable keepsake.
  • Bold Colors – Forget ocean spray blue or bashful pink. Think tiger orange or emerald green. Make a statement with color. Just remember to keep it to one bold color and a couple of accent shades, so things don’t get cartoonish.
  • Foot Jewelry – Go shoeless, but not barefoot. These accessories go around the ankle, similar to an anklet, but have an extension that runs over the top of the foot and loops over the second toe. It’s sort of like a sandal without a sole. There are a wide variety of styles of foot jewelry made of lace or decorated with a host of baubles.

Feet on a candlelit beach.

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