Travis & Krystle’s Post-Wedding Recap

DATE: February 1, 2017

Last November, we had the pleasure of hosting the magical wedding between Travis and Krystle. It is always an honor when a couple chooses Sundial to be their location, the place where they officially become a family. Thank you, Krystle, for taking the time to sit down with us and share all about your relationship and wedding. We couldn’t be happier to share the story of their romance and beachfront nuptials with you. Congratulations again to both of you!


When and how did you meet?

Krystle: We met a few years ago at Oktoberfest through mutual friends. I had been there the year before and apparently struck a chord with one of his friends. The way that Travis tells the story is that the guy talked so much about me; furthermore, he was interested in just seeing what his friend was so taken by. It is a sweet story. Let’s just say that Travis caught my eye. Later that night, he asked me to play pool and started teaching me how to play.


What are three adjectives that your guests would use to describe your wedding?


  • Fun – One of the best feelings in the world is to have your guests tell you that your wedding was one of the most fun weddings that they have ever been to. All of the guests were relaxed and very comfortable and, later that night, everyone was dancing away.
  • Wispy – The beach, its surroundings and the gorgeous organic landscaping—especially the flowers – contributed to the atmosphere. The ambiance had a calming, peaceful and romantic vibe. Having all those romantic elements, it definitely made my walk down the aisle easier and calmer.
  • Gorgeous – We were very fortunate to have a Supermoon, along with a beautiful sunset. The scenery, flowers, decorations and more were immaculate. I felt extremely grateful and very lucky to have had such an amazing day.


What was your wedding style?

Krystle: Beach Vintage – I wanted my wedding to have gorgeous flowers and a fresh feel with romantic touches. It felt almost organic with the way that my colors went with the colors of the ocean, sky and sunset. We had touches of lace, eclectic frames, glass vases strung from our arch and so many details that created an ambiance of beauty.

Why did you decide to have the wedding at Sundial?

Krystle: Sanibel is such a gorgeous setting!

How many other venues did you look at? What made Sundial the one?

Krystle: We looked at 5 other venues. I knew Sundial was the one because of the gorgeous Gulf views and how accommodating the staff was. They worked with us on pricing and truly tried to help make our dreams come true. Our guests were able to enjoy a weekend vacation or staycation and we didn’t have to worry about transportation for guests after a fun wedding. We were even able to have our rehearsal dinner at the resort’s Shima Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar the night before.

How did he propose?

Krystle: Travis and I had been together for four and a half years when he decided to propose. One of my fondest childhood memories involved taking a walk on the cliffs near my house when I was turning 9 or 10. Travis and I took a trip to my hometown and I showed him all of the best places, my elementary school, the houses I admired, the beach, the pier and finally the cliffs, which is where he got down on one knee. It was such a special day and a truly perfect proposal.

What are some of your most memorable moments from being together?

Krystle: We have traveled and been on a journey as best friends. We bought our first home together, we’ve advanced in our jobs, we’ve gone through hardships with family and have spent valuable time investing in one another.


What are some of your most memorable moments from the wedding?

Krystle: I loved being able to walk on the beach with my sister and best friends the night before the wedding. We walked in the moonlight having a great talk and picking up shells. This is something I will always remember and love!

I will always remember spending the very next day there with my husband; having lunch in our room and being able to continue the celebration with family and friends. The time goes by so quickly the day of the wedding but I will always remember how I felt, how in love we were and hopefully, always will be, and how loving our family and friends were.

Would you recommend Sundial to other couples? Why?

Krystle: I would. Our memories, pictures and each small detail will always be treasured.

Do you have any funny stories from the wedding?

Krystle: Driving to the ceremony, on a golf cart with two good friends and my dad, as I waited to be walked down the aisle, a gentleman was barbecuing. He immediately struck up a conversation and asked me if I wanted a beer. We shared a moment with this stranger drinking and having a laugh before the night began. Later that night he “crashed” the wedding. He was very sweet and just wished us both congratulations and then went on his way.

What are you looking forward to most about marriage?

Krystle: Our friendship and love for one another along with the change and growth that’ll occur as we journey through parenthood.


Wedding Vendors:

Cake: “D” Cake Lady LLC

Entertainment: DJ Max Weinberg

Florist: Floral Artistry of Sanibel

Photographer: LT Photography

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