What We’re Thankful For 2020

DATE: November 25, 2019

Thanksgiving is a time for food, fun, and family, of course. It’s also a great time of the year to celebrate and be grateful for all the good things that have happened, the challenges you’ve overcome and the people in your life. We know everyone has a different story and so we decided to find out what our wonderful Sundial team had to say on the subject of thanks. Let’s just say, this great group has a lot to be thankful for and we sure are thankful for them!

david reception sundial resort

David, Recreation
This year I am extra thankful for my family. I have a new son and am blessed to be in his life.

brandon turtles sundial resort

Brandon, Turtles
I am thankful to be working in a beautiful place and having wonderful coworkers to enjoy it with.

lavender sales sundial resort

Lavender, Sales
I’m so appreciative of the special relationships I get to develop with the brides and clients as we work together to plan their special events. I’m also thankful for my Sundial team who helps to make these plans a reality!

ashley kay casperson sundial resort

Ashley, Kay Casperson Lifestyle Spa & Boutique
I am thankful for my home family and work-family for giving me inspiration, motivation, and the drive to continuously improve and better myself to achieve my goals.

christian tennis sundial resort

Christian, Tennis
My family is what I’m most thankful for! I love being able to hang out and spend time with them.

lori front desk sundial resort

Lori, Front Desk
I am thankful for the beautiful views I have from the front desk every day!

sai sushi shima sundial resort

Sai, Sushi Chef
My children! I am thankful for the time I get to spend with them, especially on our monthly trips to Disney World.

zac baileys grocery sundial resort

Zac, Baileys Marketplace
I’m thankful for my new son and being able to play, spend time with him and see him grow.

shannon and kealy sanibel sea school sundial resort

Shannon and Kealy, Sanibel Sea School
We are thankful for the ocean, all of its creatures and everyone that comes to explore it with us!


From everyone here at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa, we want to wish you a happy holiday season! We hope your year is going great and that you and your family have lots to be thankful for! Please be sure to comment below what it is you’re thankful for.


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