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DATE: November 19, 2019

There’s more to Sanibel Sea School than just kids camps and shelling walks, though we absolutely love both of those! Sanibel Sea School offers custom private programs for groups of all ages.

Complimentary mini-programs Sundial guests can enjoy each week.

Feeding Frenzy

Join the experts in the Sea School Classroom for Feeding Frenzy, where guests can watch, and sometimes help, the Sanibel Sea School pros feed the creatures in the learning tanks and have an opportunity to learn more about them. You’ll get the chance to ask how a sea star eats, what a sea horse likes to snack on or how crabs use their claws.

Feeding Frenzy will be offered every Monday and Friday at 12:30 pm on the days there are Sea School classes.

Creature Feature

Don’t miss out on new Creature Features! The Sanibel Sea School instructors will give a 15-minute talk on a surprise sea creature each session. This is a hands-on program that will allow guests to learn more about the local sea life.

Creature Feature will be offered every Wednesday at 4:30 pm on the days there are Sea School classes.

Group Boat Trips for Adults.

Climb aboard and take an in-depth, scientific look at our local ecosystems and creatures with Sanibel Sea School’s Executive Director, Marine Biologist Dr. Bruce Neill. This year, the boat-based courses will take place from the comfort of our pontoon boat, The Ripple Effect, which provides comfortable seating, a roof, and a smooth ride for up to 12 adults.

Boat Trips are offered on the below dates, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm and cost $75 (scholarships available upon request)

The Importance of Plant Dispersion – Thursday, November 21st

The dispersion of offspring is an important factor for the survival of both parents and their offspring. Plants have many ways to disperse their young. This week, we will discuss some of these strategies and why it is so important to get your offspring away from you.

Animal Migrations – Friday, December 6th

Animal migrations are fascinating and captivating events. We will explore the basis of migrations as we seek out one of SW Florida’s most treasured winter migrants, the White Pelican.

Natural Living Shorelines – Friday, December 13th

We typically think of a shoreline as an ingress and egress to the ocean. We will explore some of the many functions that living shorelines provide, and we will cruise along and compare living shorelines to those that have been altered by humans.

sanibel sea school guided boat trip

Private programs guests and visitors can book to enhance their stay.

Sanibel Sea School Private Programs

Sanibel Sea School is also now offering private, customizable ocean experiences for families, school groups, homeschool groups, corporate groups and more. Planning a wedding at Sundial? Send your guests on a boat ride while you’re doing your rehearsal. Visiting with your extended family? Explore the island’s sandbars or go on a wading bird expedition.

Land-Based Programs

Land-based private programs at Sanibel Sea School can be fully customized to suit your group’s ages, interests, and desired level of activity. One of our marine science educators will lead you into Sanibel’s unique ecosystems for a field-based ocean experience. Choose from topics like dolphins, seagrass, mangroves, wading birds, and more! Where else can you learn to cast a net, hold a tiny seahorse, or come face to face with the amazing creatures that inhabit our sandbars – sometimes all in one day! All ages are welcome, children under 4 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Land-based private programs are 2 hours long and cost $60 per person (2 person minimum).

Boat-Based Programs

Boat-based private programs with one of Sanibel Sea School’s marine science educators provide an opportunity for your family or group to explore pristine areas of Sanibel’s surrounding waters that are not accessible by land.

This trip can be fully customized to suit your group members’ ages and interests. In addition to an overview of barrier island ecology, topics may include mangrove forests, sandbars, estuaries, and more. We frequently encounter dolphins, manatees, live shells, and many bird species, and your captain will share his or her vast knowledge of our area and the creatures that inhabit it along the way.

We suggest that you book this type of program at least one month in advance to allow sufficient time for planning.

Boat Private for up to 6 people: $400

Boat Private for more than 6 people: $400, plus $50 for each additional participant up to 12 participants.


Sanibel Sea School also offers private opportunities for paddleboarding and kayaking adventures, discover more on the Sea School website.


To learn more about these programs and everything Sanibel Sea School has to offer, visit their website. We hope you’ll include some Sea School studies in your next Sundial adventure!


Photos provided by Sanibel Sea School

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